A student named John Blanchette in the University of Houston was abused and berated by the professor, James Kirby Martin, simply for writing an essay exposing Satanism, the occult, and the connections between the Enlightenment and the occult teachings of Theosophy. We interviewed John Blanchette to tell us about the evil and sadistic behavior of Professor James Kirby Martin, and here is the video:


Mr. Blanchette went to Nancy Young to issue a complaint and settle the problem that he was having with James Kirby Martin. Nancy said that the paper could be graded by three separate professors without Martin's presence, but Martin persisted a stay in the grading session, further continuing his pressure against Blanchette and defying the Department Chair. Nancy did nothing to fight against this academic tyranny.

Blanchette then turned to his student advisor, Robert Zaretsky, who, according to Blanchette, called Martin an "asshole" for his commonly exhibited behavior. But, in the end, Zaretsky went against Blanchette and refused to be his advisor. Blanchette eventually left the University of Houston. The story shows just how evil universities have become.


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