Your child is not the property of the State. In fact, we were all children once and we are not the property of the State. The State thinks we are and thus they try to impose themselves upon us. They believe that they know better than we do when it comes to our lives and the lives of our children. They are sadly mistaken.

Recent events bear out the mindset of the State. Exhibit A: The pre-schooler in North Carolina, whose mother was thoughtful enough to prepare a turkey sandwich and apple juice, who had their lunch taken and was forced to eat chicken nuggets and charged for them because the mother's packed lunch “did not meet USDA requirements.”

Diane Zambano appeared on Fox and Friends to tell her story. In this interview Zambano said that when she went to pick up her daughter, she was given a flier from the school explaining why her daughter was not permitted to eat the lunch she packed for her.

The school's principal Jackie Samuels sent out a memo to parents stating, “Students who do not bring a healthy lunch, will be offered the missing portions which may result in a fee from the cafeteria.”

This is the second incident. In this case the packed lunch consisted of a salami and cheese sandwich on a wheat bun and apple juice. Now think about that. The school says it will offer the “missing portions” and may result in a fee.

First, the word “may” is irrelevant. There will always be a fee. Second, what were the missing portions? Zambano stated that her daughter ate the sweet potatoes that were provided and took “a bite” of the chicken nuggets. That doesn't sound well balanced to me at all, but that isn't the point. The point is the child does not belong to the State. She belongs to her mother and as such should be allowed the freedom to eat what her mother has provided. Besides it wasn't like her Mom sent her to school with a box of Mike and Ike's, potato chips and a soda. I have 9 kids and they have similar lunches just like Mrs. Zambano provided for her daughter. My wife and I have similar lunches to our kids. That is our choice, not the State's.

While Ms. Zambano was never apologized to, the school issued an apology to Fox and Friends. Why the school would apologize to a TV show is beyond me. I can only guess it was because they were called on it, embarrassed and trying to instigate damage control. They claim, “Hoke County Schools has taken appropriate action to safeguard against any repetition of these situations in the future.” And I add, it won't happen again until you are all safely back to sleep.

This is only a small part of how the State thinks it owns your children. The State wants to tell parents how they are to educate them. They want to demand certain housing, bedroom facilities along with what vaccines they will take. Just get a visit from the Department of Social Services and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

All of this is to undermine the family unit itself. It is an attack on the family no doubt, but specifically the State goes after the fathers in the home. Government is not Big Brother, it's Big Daddy!

Sadly many fathers in our society are all too willing to let the State be the head of the home, or in some cases the family unit is left without a father. The jurisdiction of the home resides with the Father and Mother, not the State, unless there is criminal activity. But for a state employee to go and to start demanding that children cannot eat what their loving parents provide them, and instead feed them garbage like chicken nuggets, which are usually filled with all sorts of “unhealthy” products is completely unacceptable.

I would suggest that all parents who have their children in government schools investigate whether their children are being treated this way and whether your authority is being undermined. Personally I would suggest getting them out of the system all together and letting them learn from the people that love them most in their lives....YOU! For some that is a difficult decision, for which I completely understand. But make no mistake about it, the State is not about to back off from their goal. They are not going to be content to leave any children behind, including yours, and they aren't just talking education, but indoctrination.

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