Looks like Cher is about to have a liberal meltdown over the possibility that Republicans might, I repeat might, take away abortion, contraception and a host of other things the liberal left loves. On a rampage on Twitter this week she provided what can only be described as a "win-win" situation, should it occur, for both pro-life advocates and unborn babies everywhere.

Here is one of her tweets in the middle of a pro-abortion, pro-contraception, anti-pro-life rant care of LifeNews.com:

"I no ur going 2say oh Cher another Rant! Yes it is! my god take my voice when I don't stand up against injustice"

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Her definition of injustice is not allowing women to legally murder their unborn babies and not provide sexually promiscuous women, such as herself, and others with free government funded birth control.

If only the true and living God would respond to that Tweet in power and close the mouth of a foolish woman! Not only is Cher the poster child for the militant leftist feminists, but she is a disgrace to mothers as well. Though sixty-six, she writes like a 13 year old teenager.

Maybe God would respond not only in taking her voice, but also her cell phone and computer so that she can't Tweet her illiterate and obscene cries of murdering the most innocent among us to the world all in the name of sexual immorality. That would definitely hamper her ability to promote the murder of more unborn children. May grant such.

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