CBS Host: Defeating Nazis Was More Formidable Task Than Taking On Gun Lobby

CBS talking head veteran Bob Schieffer praised Barack Obama for his speech on Wednesday where he used children in an emotional appeal to strike at the Second Amendment while signing 23 new executive directives and calling upon further attacks on the Second Amendment by Congress. Schieffer said of Obama’s speech “one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard him [Obama] deliver.” He also likened Obama’s war against the gun lobby, which is made up of people like you and me who are gun owners, to the defeat of the Nazis, saying that defeat was a much more formidable task.

Schieffer made Obama out as though he is the super man of America and that the battle against the Second Amendment is like big events in history. “Let’s remember: there was considerable opposition when Lyndon Johnson went to the Congress and…presented some of the most comprehensive civil rights legislation in the history of this country,” he said. “Most people told him he couldn’t get it done, but he figured out a way to do it. And that’s what Barack Obama is going to have to do…what happened in Newtown was probably the worst day in this country’s history since 9/11. We found Osama bin Laden. We tracked him down. We changed the way that we dealt with that problem. Surely, finding Osama bin Laden; surely, passing civil rights legislation, as Lyndon Johnson was able to do; and before that, surely, defeating the Nazis, was a much more formidable task than taking on the gun lobby.

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He then spurred Obama on to push for more gun control saying,

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“This is a turning point in this country, and the President is going to have to do more than just make a speech about it. This is one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard him deliver, but it’s going to take more than that from the White House. He’s going to have to get his hands dirty. He’s going to have to get in there and – and work this problem until he gets it done. But unless we figure out a way to make sure that something like Newtown never happens again, we’re not the country that we once were. I think we still are. I think there’s hope. I think something’s going to happen here.”

Something is going to happen. Because we are not God, we can’t stop every evil person from doing what they want to do. Schieffer and Obama live in the same dream world. There is no way possible to stop another mass shooting. You can declare every gun and all ammunition illegal, write as many laws as your heart desires and I’ll bet the national debt that you will not stop people from being shot with guns. You just are not going to do it, so stop trying to undermine the Constitution. Stop infringing on the Second Amendment rights found in the Constitution which our representatives swore to support and defend. Get rid of unconstitutional “Gun Free Zones.”

Just last month, following the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting, Schieffer said, “If [shooter Adam Lanza] had had an Arab name, people would be going nuts about what we ought to do right now.”

Seriously, for the Face The Nation host to put forth equating Obama’s attack on the Second Amendment as being equal to killing Osama bin Laden or defeating the Nazis demonstrates just how big an issue this is for the Socialists in our country. The real Nazis in this country can be found in one place, the Democrat Party, but understand that there are practical socialists in the Republican party as well. You might discover who they are by seeing who just passed the fiscal cliff deal and even moreso, those who are caving under the pressure of gun control.

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