Cavalcade of aviation directives point to MAJOR happenings out at Area 51 this week

Somewhere in America’s clandestine backyard, a whole slew of secrets are hidden, buried away in the high desert.

Area 51 is the moniker given to the secretive and sandy site that exists in the long-dry basin of Groom Lake in Nevada.  This is as top secret as it gets, with our government’s deepest, and possible darkest morsels of information squirreled away in the remoteness, guarded by private security firms with a license to kill.  To get even within miles of the base without being harassed by the ubiquitous white Ford security trucks would be a feat.

Before the event was yanked off of Facebook, over 2 million people had RSVP’d to a gathering called “Storm Area 51, they can’t stop us all”.  The impact of this event has been largely muted by the mainstream media, who wrote the idea off as a wacky cultural phenomenon.  Of course, the true power of the Facebook page was that 2 million people effectively voted for the government to disclose whatever secrets it had out there in the Nevada desert, and insinuated correctly that no, Area 51 could not stop us all if we stand united.

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But canceling that event hasn’t curbed the curiosity surrounding Area 51.  To this day there are amateur researchers attempting to piece together what’s happening out there, using what little public information can be gleaned from the government.

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Like no-fly zones

A handful of interesting Notices To Airman (NOTAMs) had been published that identify distinct restricted areas within the NTTR that are being placed off-limits to any air traffic at any altitude. Keep in mind, these NOTAMs are for military aircrews, not wayward civilian planes or light aircraft trying to weave around the NTTR over the weekend when some of the Military Operating Areas (MOAs) may be “cold” (not in use). Twitter user Bryan Herbert, who keeps an eye on aerial happenings and breaking news events throughout the region, first posted about the NOTAM on August 8th.

That notice was for R-4806E, an elongated north-to-south block of restricted airspace that measures roughly 50 by 15 miles and sits south of the small community of Alamo and east of R-4806W. R-4806W includes Dog Bone Dry Lake. A number of air-to-ground targets and a MOUT facility that is often used for JTAC training and other ground and air asset integration exercises are located there. At the center of R-4806E, the restricted airspace in question, is Desert Dry Lake, but nothing is really located there or on the stretch of ground that sits below this airspace as a whole. It’s also worth noting that Desert Lake sits roughly 30 miles southeast of Groom Lake/Area 51.

These NOTAMS continued…and then some.

Then another NOTAM was posted that spans a couple of days starting on the evening of August 10th that closes airspace from the surface of the earth to unlimited altitude. But this one is for another block of restricted airspace, a massive one that sits on the western flank of Area 51’s notorious no-go ‘box’that hangs over the clandestine installation. This NOTAM is active from midnight on August 11th all the way through 5:59 AM on August 12th.

Then things got even stranger:

In addition to these NOTAMs, keen-eyed airplane trackers noticed odd Janet flights out to Area 51 and surrounding installations such as Tonopah Test Range Airport scheduled for the weekend. This unusual activity is largely understood to be indicative of a major test event, or test events, occurring out of and over Area 51 and/or other parts of the surrounding NTTR.

The NTTR is used for all types of training, test flights, and classifieddevelopmental exercises for emerging capabilities. As such, setting aside airspace for certain tasks is not uncommon. But this type of activity on the weekend and the unlimited altitude blocks declared in the NOTAMs are intriguing.

So, what’s happening out there?  There is plenty of disparate speculation.

In regards to the NOTAMs, some have mentioned the possibility of a test rocket launch of some kind due to the unlimited altitude restrictions, which would be odd for the NTTR as it doesn’t usually support that type of testing or operations, at least not in the traditional rocket manner. Laser and other more exotic directed energy weapon systems may require fully sanitized airspace up to space for safety concerns. In fact, such a system could even be used against space assets themselves. Still, maybe these are just precautions for testing very sensitive aircraft outside of the Groom Lake ‘box.’ And yes, especially if they are capable of extreme altitudes.

Of course, there are many other potential explanations. They don’t call Area 51 “Dreamland” for nothing and its own relatively limited airspace would certainly get augmented by the surrounding ranges for expanded testing as required—especially on the weekends when normal military traffic is at a minimum. N-4807A also contains the Tolicha Peak Electronic Combat Range (ECR), a critical complex that is dotted with real and simulated enemy air defense and electronic warfare systems that is highly relevant to the development of future air combat systems and the fine-tuning of tactics and subsystems for ones that are already in operation.

Of course, this could just be the military moving all of their flying saucers somewhere else just in case the Facebook event loonies really try making a raid.

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