Roman Catholic Illinois Governor Pat Quinn took time out recently to do some Islamic praying on Ramadan as thousands of Chicago-area Muslims gathered in Bridgeview on Sunday to observe the end of the Muslim celebration of Ramadan.

The governor used the occasion to sign a bill that will allow university students who have religious holiday conflicts with tests or assignments to ask for and receive alternate assignments.

The Sun Times reports,

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Gov. Quinn also decried recent attacks against local Muslims, citing a shooting at a Morton Grove mosque, an attack on an Islamic school in Lombard and the desecration of a grave in an Evergreen Park cemetery.

“These are un-American acts,” he said. “The people of Illinois, all 13 million, abhor anyone who would commit these serious acts of violence as a violation of our constitution.”

The governor called religious freedom “The most American and fundamental freedom that we have in our country,” and said “The First Amendment of our constitution says that everyone, everyone has the right to practice their religion and their faith without fear of intimidation.”

My fellow Americans, with things taking place like this in our land it should be a wake up call to Christians everywhere. Here is an American leader praying with Muslims. We should be very concerned in this nation.

Our own Department of Homeland Security is not really looking for Islamists as terrorists and in fact it seems that Governor Quinn doesn't consider them a threat at all. DHS is looking for those who love freedom, uphold the Constitution, are religious in their convictions, are considered "right wing extremists," are tea party patriots. Yet there is no mention of Muslims or Islam, which is the group of individuals allegedly responsible for all the terrorist attacks that have taken place over the past two decades.

Then we have incidents where Islam has taken over entire towns like Dearborn, Michigan and the police are even scared to deal with them as they hurl insults and objects at people who simply stand and hold signs attempting to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them. They are rapidly growing in Tampa, Florida.

Not only that, but we now have Muslims in Congress, like Andre Carson, who say we should mold the public school system after the madrassas in Islam and sadly such men are getting bigger cash support then their opponents.

Our government makes excuses for Christians being killed by Muslims and what's worse is our government attacks those who try and warn people of just how infiltrated our government is by the Muslim Brotherhood.

We even have the possibility that our Secretary of State's chief deputy adviser, Huma Abedin, is linked into the Muslim Brotherhood and nothing is done.

Now we have a governor who claims to be Roman Catholic who is videoed praying with Muslims as they chant, "Allahu Ackbar." This is the same phraseology shouted by the Ft. Hood terrorist Nadal Hasan when he opened fire on our troops!

The video of the governor praying with Muslims is disgusting and sickening. Political pandering as though what he's doing means nothing except political expediency, but it does. It means that we are heading for Sharia law in this country unless we have men of conscience and backbone take a stand.

By the way, for you people in Illinois who put him into office. You can remove him in 2014. America would be grateful.

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