Carson must Trump Our Islamophilic Stockholm Syndrome

Shown the way by Trump, it is time for Carson to double down and turn the tables on his media tormenters.

One week before Trump announced his candidacy, Jack Cashill—a literary and political genius—wrote, “The Republican nominee for president will be that candidate who best learns that there is no future in apologizing.”

Since then—courtesy of a mildly hostile media—the candidate whose finances needed it the least has enjoyed a pro-bono advertising campaign worth well over a hundred million dollars.

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Since before Reagan, Republicans, when challenged by the media for their departures from socialism and multiculturalism, have placed their tails between their legs. The Bork shadow, cast in 1987, has continued to linger over the GOP. But Trump, another exception to the cowering Republican rule, has luminously and effortlessly pierced this pall.

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Another American literary and political genius, Daniel Greenfield, highlighted Trump’s command of the media and revealed how a little offense—even one low on substance—produces media attention that traditional Democrat treason cannot command.

Our multicultural media is sick with Islamophilic Stockholm Syndrome (ISS). To cure this disease, the good doctor must first educate the media about the disease.

Most in the media are in denial and do not wish to be healed of their virulent ISS. As the front row audience to ISIS’s beheadings, the media’s treasonous obstinacy to celebrate their ISS and other multicultural ills is beyond dysfunctional.

In contrast to the media, many Americans stricken with ISS suspect that they carry the virus, and would like to experience greater moral, psychological, and political health. With the right GOP message, the resolution of this tension between media ISS denial and American ISS suspicion will be won by the citizens. The media will lose. Case in point is Huff Po’s decision to cover Trump as entertainment news. Yet, because so many readers of Huff Po are not stuck in Huff Po’s ISS denial, their readers do not tolerate such obfuscation. And so Huff Po has begrudgingly returned The Donald to the front page.

If a low-on-substance politician can command such media attention and gain an overwhelming lead in the polls, how much more can a substantive politician benefit from playing patriotic smash-mouth politics? Moreover the media’s infecting the American people with ISS has created an enormous demand to be cured of ISS. The media cannot extinguish our consciences. The key to reconnecting our consciences and harnessing this great demand for moral leadership is to delicately show the media and the American people that they are carriers of this terrible sickness called ISS.

The test for one’s ISS status is so easy that one need not go to the hospital to get diagnosed. From the comfort of his own home our patient can be asked, “Was Mohammad a terrorist?

This is a heads I win, tails you lose question that Republicans have been too cowardly to countenance.

If the media can merely countenance an affirmative answer to this question, the media loses and Ben wins.

If the media cannot even countenance an affirmative answer to this question, the media loses and Ben wins. More importantly, Barack “the US is not, and will never be, at war with Islam” Hussein will lose his moral footing in the American culture. Shutting down the government to protect Planned Parenthood will no longer remain viable.

If the media say they do not know if Mohammad was a terrorist, then—at a minimum—the media have revealed an unpatriotic lack of curiosity. They would then already be losing. Ask them then if it is possible that Mohammad was a terrorist. Tell the media that if they apologize to the American people for their lack of patriotism, the American people will forgive them. They will lose more and you again propel your campaign with free attention. Ask them if they know about Juwairiya, Safiyah, Aisha (Mohammad’s nine-year-old sex partner). They lose more and you again propel your campaign with free attention. Ask them if they know about Mariyah, Ka’b bin Ashraf …. This is the Republican path to the White House. Force the Democrats to defend the Obama celebrated anti-Jew terrorist Tantawi.

Brother Ben, you should be a good steward of the money folks are giving to you!

When George Bush, fully inoculated with ISS, declared, “Islam is a religion of peace,” he fantastically failed the American people and his oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of these United States so help me God.”

America can no longer afford a political landscape where declaring “Islam is a religion of peace” (as one engages in an expensive large scale military campaign) is politically easier than declaring “Islam is not a religion of peace” (as one engages in an inexpensive small scale kinetic campaign).

Because presenting the ISS test on Muslims humanizes Muslims, administering the ISS test to Muslims is an act of respect and compassion to Muslims. Muslims are the first victims of Islam. And the test humanizes the rest of us too.

“Was Mohammad a terrorist?” (video version) is the real vaccination question of this election.

An America plagued with ISS will not be able to defeat ISIS. But grounded in the self-evidence of our physical and moral world, the diseases of multiculturalism and ISS can be easily defeated. Only then can the Islamic State be defeated with a minimum of kinetic force.

Use the “V” word Dr. Carson. Talk to the nation about victory over an oppressive ideology and a compassionate response to those most affected by this ideology. Tell us that all other things being equal, a religion that would teach its own not to be a burden to the outsiders (e.g., 1 Thes. 4:11, 12) is superior to a religion that teaches its own to oppress the outsiders (e.g., Koran 9:29, above). Define Islam according to its Prophet, historical schools of jurisprudence and texts, not according to a multiculturalist version of a self-proclaimed Muslim who has been resisting the Koran’s injunctions for his own dehumanization.

For Democrats, Muslims and Krauthammar-Rove Republicans, the five pillars of Islam can be found at Wikipedia. But for those wishing to be free of ISS, the five pillars of Islam—pillars that are affirmed by all five historic schools of Sunni jurisprudence and have been continuously affirmed to this day—are

  • The Koranic affirmation of sex slaves (i.e. “right hand possessions,” e.g. Koran 4:3, 24 …).
  • The Koranic celebration in 9:29 of the oppressive Jizya tax on the kuffar (a word worse than the “nigger” or “white trash” word), a heinous tax designed to make infidels “[feel that they are] “brought low” (Pickthall translation) “humbled” (Sahih International translation) “feel themselves subdued” (Yusuf Ali translation) “are in a state of subjection” (Shakir translation).
  • The impunity of vigilante Muslims to kill apostates (Bukhari 83:37)
  • Mohammad was a terrorist, a misogynist, a rapist, a pedophile, an advocate of offensive genocide, an enemy to freedom of conscience and worse
  • Mohammad is the ideal example for all Muslims (stated 91 times in the Koran)

Clearly these features are not a hallmark of a respectable religion.

Mitt Romney, stricken with ISS, failed to head my advice. But you, Doctor Carson, please do not fail us here. Your political gift of dark
skin only aids to give you the moral high ground and the ability to secure America’s future. Your study of science has shown to you the implausibility of evolution. What the media deems to be your vulnerabilities are actually among your greatest political assets. Trump them all Dr. Carson, and watch the pillars come a’tumblin down.

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