Cap And Trade: Carbon Cash For Cow Manure

Lord Christopher Monckton was featured in a video featured at CFACT on the Global Warming – Climate Change fraud. It’s about 35 minutes and well worth your time if you wish to watch it. The Anthropogenic Climate Catastrophe predictions driving our government policies is pure fraud. Yet, the insanity continues.

A week or so ago I saw stories about the EPA using drones to monitor farmlands and ranchlands. (Note in that article the reference to “region 7. We are now regions?) Needless to say, I absorbed the information thinking about how invasive and out of control our federal government has become. I asked myself, “Now why would they be doing that?” Hmmmm….

The answer came in another story that came soon after the first, titled “Manure Could Prove Farmer’s Cash Cow.”

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“Under the Carbon Farming Initiative, the Government says dairy producers will be able to earn carbon credits if they capture and destroy methane and other greenhouse gasses emitted by manure.”

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“Farmers who participate in the program will cover manure ponds, then have the choice of burning and destroying the captured gas, or using it to fuel internal combustion engines to produce electricity.”
“Either way, they will earn carbon credits for preventing the gas from entering the atmosphere.”

“Pig farmers will also be able to earn credits by reducing emissions from manure.”

I instantly wondered what just happened to the organic fertilizer industry. But that would be silly of me…now wouldn’t it!

How many ways can the government misuse power and tax money? Don’t answer that. (I don’t have enough time hear that answer right now.) First come the incentives. Then come the fines. If they don’t get their way by buying you off, they will punish you for not playing their game. I can’t help but also wonder who in the heck would go into business as a small farmer today. It is the corporate farms who will be able to take advantage of this cash cow, more than the little guys. I imagine it would take a lot of labor, equipment, time, and money to go around the ranch to collect all of that manure. I’m not in the farming business, but I am guessing that would be done to collect manure for the organic fertilizer market? Maybe there is a farmer in the house who can tell me about that. But I digress…

Congress defeated Cap and Trade. Does that stop the federal government from implementing cap and trade? NO. Congress is nearly irrelevant at this point. We tell them no. They just keep spending our money on unconstitutional activities based on fraudulent, corrupt ideas. All things are being done by fiat from the executive branch with carte blanche to the federal agencies. The kicker for me is this is funded anyway by…… Congress! Someone is funding this insanity with our money. There is an agriculture committee and an environment committee and an energy committee, among the hundreds of committees. Who got to whom? Who is funding drones over farms and ranches? We are. Who is now going to pay for the destruction of manure? Who is going to subsidize turning cow manure into green energy? We are. Who is footing the bill for Climate Change policies based on fraud? We are.

This is exactly like Cash For Clunkers. Our tax money is being spent to rid the planet of some artificial boogeyman that environmentalists hate. Before it was destroying cars. In this case it is cow manure. I’m supposing at this point that the vegan diet does not support brain health. That has to be the explanation for people implementing this type of nonsense.

Anyway…that’s the news today. The EPA will be monitoring farms and ranches, while at the same time paying farmers and ranchers to destroy manure. I’m sure this eventually will require police action.

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