Can We Negotiate with ISIS?

Who thinks ISIS can be negotiated with? Any reasonable person would immediately say no—and not just know, but hell no. However, over the years, the world has become populated with ever less reasonable people. Or maybe they’ve always been in our midst and we’re just now paying better attention. After all, there were those who thought it not only necessary but reasonable to attempt to negotiate a peace with Hitler, or the North Vietnamese.

I guess there have always been pie-in-the-sky leftists, like John Kerry, who believe negotiation is and should be our only weapon, despite every ounce of evidence to the contrary.

And yet, even John Kerry pales in comparison to Robert Fisk who wrote an article in the Independent entitled “Suddenly it looks like we could have done with Osama bin Laden staying alive – Who’s left if we want to negotiate with Isis?”

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In the article, he describes Osama bin Laden as an “old softee, compared to the throat cutting killers of the Islamic State.” Fisk writes glowingly that bin Laden “loves his wife, he wants his son to take over the whole al-Qaeda outfit, he studies – if he can read English – Noam Chomsky.”

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Okay, anyone who studies Chomsky is, by default, a bit unhinged. If we didn’t know that about Osama, we do now, but I digress.

Fisk continues extolling the virtues of bin Laden by describing him as “a chap we could do business with, the ‘moderate’ we are always searching for when we fail to destroy our enemies, a ‘middle party’ to start a ‘dialogue’ with these unruly Isis Fellows.”

Really – Osama bin Laden – the moderate. One might begin to suspect this to be a satirical piece – that no one could possibly think this. But, evidently, he does. Fisk explains that “Having liquidated the Fountainhead of world evil in 2011, we’ve no one left to represent us if we want to negotiate with the new Fountainhead of world evil in 2015.”

Actually, he’s incorrect. There is of course John Kerry or possibly bringing Madeleine Albright out of moth balls. And what, pray tell, would we negotiate? What could we give to ISIS to make them end the atrocities?

Years ago, Sean Hannity, during a discussion with some lefty who suggested trying to negotiate with al-Qaeda, asked “How exactly would these negotiations go? We get them to agree to kill us last?”

Mr. Fisk, along with a cadre of other leftist peacenik weenies, just doesn’t get it. Rule number one of negotiation: never enter into talks with a party who stated goal is to convert or kill everyone. That just makes it very difficult to find a jumping off point, as it were.

But that doesn’t seem to be the stumbling block we think it is. Just look at Iran. They’ve stated on multiple occasions their desire to erase Israel and the United States off the planet. The Iranian regime’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has called for the continuation of the fight to destroy America saying: “This battle will only end when the society can get rid of the oppressors front with America at the head of it, which is expanded its claws on human mind, body and thought. This requires a difficult and lengthy struggle and a need for great strides.”

But still, that will not deter Fisk or probably the Obama administration. They found a new negotiating tactic. Simply overlook the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Pretend Iran never said it, and, as if by magic, it’s no longer an issue.

I never thought I’d say this, but we may have found a bigger weenie in Robert Fisk than even John Kerry.

Asking someone like bin Laden to negotiate a peace with ISIS on our behalf is as ridiculous as asking Stalin to broker a peace deal with Hitler to benefit the United States. It’s absurd on its face, as is Mr. Fisk’s assertion.

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