Can We Finally Diagnose the Truth About Islam?

As of this writing, we’re still following the news reports regarding al Shabaab terrorists–a group affiliated with al Qaeda–besieging a shopping mall in Kenya, committing heinous acts of murder and mutilation reportedly against non-Muslim victims. There may even be American jihadists among the bad actors.

This massacre in East Africa comes on the heels of lots of recent bloody Islamic history. We are 12 years after 9/11/01; 4 years removed from the falsely named “workplace violence” event at Fort Hood where a self-proclaimed “Solider of Allah” murdered 13 innocents in the name of his god; 2 years after the Arab Spring disintegrated into a Muslim Winter and an American president launched an undeclared war to dislodge Muammar Gaddafi from power in Libya, thereby setting the conditions for the Benghazi disaster which took place just one year ago. A mere five months have passed since America suffered a horrible jihadist attack on 4/15/13 in Boston.

Since that horrible, late summer afternoon in 2001, when the New York skyline was set ablaze by a team of devoted jihadists, America’s political leadership and mainstream media have repeatedly and vigorously evaded the fact that all of the above mentioned atrocities occurred as the end result of Muslims following the directives commanded in the Quran and emulating the behavior of Muhammad and his earliest followers recorded in the Islamic historical literature known as the Hadith. Check out MSNBC or any other mainstream media outlet and you will find that even if they describe any terrorist event with the words “Islam” or “Islamic” you will not find an ideological connection drawn between the evil behavior of the terrorists and the actual doctrines of Islam.

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525236_244624399007687_1814581279_n-890This willful ignorance of the doctrinal origins of Islamic terrorism prevents America from implementing a proper strategy to protect her people from such attacks. Just as gun control advocates reflexively blame inanimate objects for the crimes committed by mentally unstable mass murderers, the elites and the media blame poverty, oppression, racism, and whatever else they can conjure up to rationalize the wicked bloodshed that men like Mohammed Atta and the Tsarnaev brothers commit. Unless and until those with the power to influence the national discourse take off their blinders and acknowledge that the phenomenon of Islam itself in its doctrines, teachings, and commands (documented in the Quran and the supporting Islamic literature) is the inspirational source of Muslim jihadism, there will never be a proper response to this problem. Instead, there will only be continuing violence let loose on innocent non-Muslims in the name of Allah around the globe.

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Our mainstream media outlets and government talking heads routinely soft-pedal Islamic savagery by calling it “extremism.” In the aftermath of the carnage, these same self-assured pseudo-experts wistfully ponder what motivates the bad guys to do what they do, never once considering that the terrorists might actually be opening the pages of their holy books for inspiration. As a concerned American, I am disgusted every time this type of quisling equivocation is aired because its disservice to the truth in such cases is staggering and places me, my family, and my country in great peril. Grasping to find some strawman backstory behind the violence so as to not include Islamic doctrine from the list of reasons why Muslims spill blood so forcefully and frequently, the government-media complex blocks the general public from access to crucial information about threats to their safety. This is malpractice on a national scale.

If an oncologist saw on his patient’s x-ray evidence of lung cancer and then refused to tell him about the diagnosis, that doctor would rightly be drummed out of the medical field for allowing harm to come to the person under his care. In the same way, the government-media complex has all the diagnostic tools to identify and label the disease at the core of Islamic terrorism, but they refuse to tell the American people that the illness is Islam itself. Now, imagine the outrage of a physician who not only denies the cancer patient information about his diagnosis but goes so far as to suggest that the source of his illness, cigarette smoking, has not brought the disease on but, in fact, is as harmless to his body as drinking orange juice. By persisting in the false meme that Islam is a religion of peace hijacked by some unscrupulous hooligan “extremists” in far flung corners of the world, the political hacks inside the Beltway and the newsrooms of the mainstream media compound the suppression of the truth about Islam by implying that this noxious religiopolitical ideology is as beneficial to the success of our beautiful American republic as Christianity. They are telling America–the cancer patient–to light up a fresh pack of Islamic Marlboros, because there’s really nothing wrong and everything will be just fine.

Except that it won’t.

It is painfully obvious to anyone who has spent even a short amount of time looking at Islamic doctrine that, irrespective of what immediate socio-political trigger may have been pulled to set terrorists into action, the deep-seated reason for their behavior is that they are following what the Quran teaches. There are dozens of direct Quranic teachings that tell the Islamic faithful to besiege and kills unbelievers, the most important and infamous of which is called in Islamic theology “The Verse of the Sword” (Quran 9:5), which states, in part,

“Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.”

As the non-Muslim victims in Kenya and Pakistan are being counted, can we not at long last start diagnosing the truth about why these assaults on humanity keep occurring?

In a short article, it is impossible to log all the demands that Allah places on his people in the Quran and the Hadith to fight and kill anyone whom they perceive to be an enemy of Islam, but America desperately needs to get a grip of the facts about the Muslim faith, which is adhered to in some form by over one billion people worldwide. It took merely 19 acolytes of Muhammad to kill some 3000 Americans on 9/11, so if but one percent of the global Muslim population were to choose to practice jihad as the 9/11 hijackers, it would amount to a staggering army numbered at 100,000 persons. Given the size of this potential threat, it would benefit the American people to know, for example, that the Quran teaches:

* Unbelievers in this life are subject to an unending conflict to the death with Muslims (Quran 2:190-194)

* Non-Muslims are considered the “worst of creatures” and Muslims are the “best of creatures” (Quran 98:6)

* It is perfectly acceptable for Muslim men to physically beat their wives for being insubordinate (Quran 4:32-34)

* Muslims are commanded to be at war with Christians and Jews (collectively known as “people of the Book”) (Quran 9:29)

* Muslims are commanded to build up their armaments in order to strike terror into the hearts of their enemies (Quran 8:60)

After just this cursory review of the warrior ideology emanating from the Quran itself, is it any wonder that the Kenyan terrorists roamed through the Westgate Mall striking fear into the hearts of the innocent victims before choosing to execute non-Muslims?

Indeed, I hold out little hope that the current crop of leaders in the government and the media will acknowledge and spread the word regarding the truth about Islam. Thus, it seems to me that it is incumbent upon those in the grassroots to learn what Islam teaches and convey the dangers associated with this ideology with as many of our friends and family as possible. Like cancer, the pernicious effect of Islam can be contained, but the battle cannot begin until we as a nation understand the diagnosis.

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