How can You Defend a Constitution You Fear?

After writing my last article defending the proposed use of Article V to control an unrepresentative Washington D.C., I decided to momentarily abstain from critical analysis of my fellow writer’s vociferous condemnation of an Article V Convention of States. I had hoped to assuage my concerns of fueling what has become another conservative side show over what is and is not constitutional. Once again, I am compelled to return to address recent charges levelled at COS leadership.

In what appears to be an effort to disrupt current Article V energies, the movement’s opponents are now adopting the tactics of the left. Sowing fear and making false representations of the character, integrity and political relationships of Mark Meckler, President of Citizens for Self-governance, co-founder and former national coordinator for the Tea party Patriots and a leader of the much maligned Article V movement “Convention of States.”

It appears the folks at the John Birch Society and the Eagle Forum are prosecuting a coordinated effort to maintain the government status quo by silencing self-governance proponents. Evidently they prefer a nation ruled by candidates purchased by corporations, unions and special interest money that knows little constitutional loyalty, only elite handler dictates.

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I would like to remind my critics, hoping for a historic one party takeover of government, we had it recently and our country did not experience promised prosperity and freedom. We experienced damage, debt and an erosion of self-governance and liberty.

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I am a passionate supporter, recruiter and Texas District Captain for the Article V “Convention of States” movement. I recently reached out to Mark Meckler about his alleged relationships with left leaning Article V advocacy groups. Unlike Article V critics (who have all but banned me from contacting them for open public debate and discussion), Mr. Meckler welcomed my inquiries and somewhat uncomfortable questions.

Never having met this man, I must tell you his words and passion for America are worthy of respect and consideration by all Americans seeking to rein in our Federal government leviathan. I am one of those Americans.

Mr. Meckler—a husband, father and patriot—addressed the recent allegations that he is aligning himself and by extension the COS movement with nefarious left wing groups that allegedly seek to hi-jack any Article V Convention of States and destroy or re-write the US Constitution.

The COS movements website can be found here.

Meckler unapologetically confirmed his desire to reach out to all Americans (on the left and right) for support. Mr. Meckler regularly and willingly speaks with groups from all sides of the American ideological spectrum. For Mark Meckler, America is overwhelmed by division and there is no shame in attempting to unite America against a runaway federal government.

According to Meckler, if we took the time to look beyond all mainstream media misrepresentations and deceptive polls, it becomes clear, our engaged citizens agree (Liberal Progressives, Moderates and Conservatives) our federal government no longer represents the people, ignores its enumerated powers and the US Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

Meckler was clear. Everywhere he speaks, mixed audiences all agree; the federal government deficit spending, the public education system, and our judicial processes are constitutionally unrecognizable and the status quo is not serving America’s short and long term interests. Meckler’s audience consistently acknowledges the common desire to strengthen the role of the average citizen in the governing process.

Opponents of Article V would have you believe this common desire/purpose is something to fear. They would have you believe that a unified citizenry exercising their constitutional rights is more dangerous to self-governance than the politicians in Washington who care nothing for their oaths of office.

Article V is not a new phenomenon. Although poorly known, often maligned (called a CON-CON) and carelessly taught, it exists for our benefit, everyone’s benefit. There are some among the conservative community who apparently do not share my admiration for the US Constitution as originally written. They fear it. Why? How do critics of an Art. V Convention of States (provided for in the US Constitution, the supreme law of the land) defend the Constitution if they are afraid of what it allows?

It would appear Article V opposition forces only wish to preserve, protect and defend parts of the Constitution they deem worthy or less dangerous.

Trafficking in fear is the calling card of many groups of elite minions sprouting from both the left and the right these days. They prefer average America divided. They know we are easier to manage if we are told to believe the nation is irreconcilable and hopelessly deadlocked. They know better than us. They are better educated in the finer points of law and government and for them; the people would do well, once again, to follow their elevated machinations.

Hence, any efforts —beyond lining up like sheep at polling booths to vote for anointed, fallible and easily corrupted representatives—to propose an Article V Convention of States to rebirth the role of average Americans in self-governance, is now shaped by opponents as dangerous and possibly, maybe, kind of sort of driven by the likes of Harvard’s Lawrence Lessig who is allegedly funded by George Soros money.

See this link for anti-Article V allegations and criticisms.

When questioned about these assertions, Mark Meckler simply laughed. I have to admit I did as well.

You see, Mark Meckler, the alleged left wing collaborator, has an 18 year old son, who upon early graduation is headed for the Marine Corps. I have a son that is considering a similar path. Meckler and I had a father to father talk about such things. Suffice it to say, after listening to this man describe children, parenting, honor, duty and sacrifice, I find it highly improbable that Meckler’s ideology is corrupted by his supposed hand holding with Liberal Progressives.

It bears mentioning that Meckler enjoys going into the belly of the beast. Meckler described his work with Lawrence Lessig of “Compact with America” at the annual “Citizens University Conference” as outreach, plain and simple. He enjoys interacting and sharing ideas with intellectual opposites. For Meckler, it is an opportunity to bring people together. He often accepts invitations to speak about the importance of self-governance to any group sharing ideas and looking for solutions to Washington’s control. He also categorically denied knowing George Soros or taking Soros money.

Meckler and I both find more confusion than clarity in Article V opponent’s arguments and are often at a loss for which version of the US Constitution COS critics wish to honor. Which version of the Constitution they assume our elected representatives swear an oath to preserve, protect and defend. Is it a version sans Article V? Given Article V inclusion in the original document ratified in 1791, I would hope not. For that would be synonymous with a dangerously selective anti-American dogma.

Good or bad, the US Constitution— in its entirety— belongs to all American citizens not just those whose ideology is more palatable or those with powerful influence. At no time since America’s birth have citizens of this Republic agreed ideologically. Self-governance is not our enemy, it is our right. Stoking fears of a runaway convention that requires two thirds of the states to petition for and three quarters of independently chosen states delegations to ratify any proposed amendments defies reason.

Likewise, disparaging the character and integrity of COS advocates for their efforts to educate all Americans about this constitutional process is not representative of American ideals of equality. Moreover, it indicates someone or some group has something they wish to protect. Could that be governance by select Washington elite?

Michael Farris, Mark Meckler and all those who have volunteered to work towards an Article V Convention of States understand the COS movement—much like the first constitutional convention— knows not, and should not know any ideological boundaries. Our nation was built on hard fought debate (often ugly debate) by men of character among men of nefarious intent. It is no different now. Anyone selling that tripe is enamored with an inaccurate and selective version of history.

Revisiting the successes and failures of our government through an Article V Convention of States is a constitutional right of redress and it should not be feared, it should be embraced. It is time all citizens united to quarantine our divine right to self-governance from Washington’s historic abuses.

For all of those who wish to disrupt the efforts of Convention of States advocates by spewing vitriol and supposition, I offer the following: Any time you wish to publicly debate (outside of print and face to face) the real issues and facts surrounding a proposed Article V Convention of States with Mark Meckler and select members of his team, I can arrange it. Mr. Meckler has expressed his sincere desire for this type of public debate and welcomes all known comers. Perhaps I can persuade him to include the anonymous gadflies as well.

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