California Democrat Congresswoman Linda Sanchez: Americans Who Want Illegals Returned are “Nativists” & “Isolationists”

In the latest of attacks by elected officials against those who support the enforcement of our immigration laws and the securing of our southern border, a new term has been coined – a new “N” word, “nativist.” According to California Democratic Representative Linda Sanchez, member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, those Americans who want the illegal alien invaders from Central America returned to their country of origin are “nativists” and “isolationists.”

As reported by, here is Sanchez’s opinion as told to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell:

“As the United States, a world leader, we are very good at telling other countries that they must accept refugees from Syria or Ethiopia or Darfur, but when it comes to a humanitarian crisis on our own border – involving children, no less – you hear this nativist, isolationist voices saying that, oh just ship them all back, send them all back.

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“And what’s clear is that each one of these cases needs to be evaluated. They need to have due process.

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“I might add that a big problem with why these children are coming too is because their parents have been here. And if we were to pass comprehensive immigration reform – something that a majority of Americans, regardless of political party, believe in – that many of these children would qualify to be reunited with their parents, and their parents could come out of the shadows and get on a pathway to citizenship.

“[C]hoking the funding to allow that process to go forward isn’t going to expedite the removal of anybody. We need to fund the president’s request to try to help process these children, find out who does qualify for refugee status or asylum and try to connect these children with their parents.”

Well Rep. Linda Sanchez, Democrat from California and over-all buffoon, let’s have a frank discussion about your statement using some common sense and facts.

The United States has no business telling another sovereign country who should be accepted into that country period. It is none of our business. Each country is responsible for their own immigration laws and is perfectly capable of determining whether or not the country can support and handle so-called refugees. That’s a bungled executive policy throughout the history of the US that has been wrong and remains wrong since the first time the US meddled into the affairs of sovereign nations. So, before you include everyone in the collective “we,” maybe you need to clarify that and say “Congress and the President.”

In case you haven’t noticed, the majority of illegal alien invaders are adults and what constitutes in your description of children are males aged 14 -17, many with ties to criminal gangs and drug cartels. Not only are there adults from Mexico and Central America flooding our borders, there are adult individuals from Africa and the Middle East crossing unimpeded. Ms. Sanchez, do you honestly believe that every “child” crossing the border actually has parents in this country and every individual crossing is a child? If so, then you are absolutely naïve or have your head buried in the sand so far the lack of oxygen to your brain is impeding your thought process. More than likely is the case, you know there are more than just “children” crossing the border; but, you use the angle of children to advance your agenda.

Of course, as a leftist Democrat, it’s no surprise you would resort to name-calling. You claim those opposed to the “humanitarian crisis of children” crossing the border are “nativist, isolationist” voices, which is not the case or the truth at all. Americans who are against this invasion of our nation are behind immigration for those seeking the American dream of freedom who are willing to assimilate into our culture as long as those individuals follow our immigration laws. It is lawful to deport the illegal aliens currently squatting in our country, as well as deport those who are crossing or have crossed our southern border illegally. Again, this country has immigration laws that should be enforced, not ignored as the law serves to protect this nation from those who could potentially threaten the very survival of the United States. Those who oppose this lawlessness being committed by this administration and its minions know there are more than just children crossing; there are adults crossing from Central American countries, Mexico, Africa and the Middle East.

It also quite obvious that you ignored the potential health risk to the people of our nation caused by your support of this invasion. So much for being “humanitarian,” right Ms. Sanchez?

To be fair, Ms, Sanchez, it is a stretch for you Democrats; but, where is your outrage at Mexico and the Central American countries for collaborating together in order to flood our nation with illegal alien invaders? Why are you not questioning the motives of Mexico in allowing illegal aliens to pass unfettered through that country when it holds a US Marine who accidentally made a wrong turn entering that country illegally, but unintentionally? The Central American countries where these invaders are originating are not at “war” in the traditional sense. These nations are not in conflict with other nations concerning territory or superiority which might qualify these people for refugee status. And, if it were the case, why are they not stopping in Mexico or going south toward South America?

There are many questions people in your position should be asking but are refusing to do so. Instead, you spew political rhetoric and seek to silence those in opposition through name-calling.

You speak of awarding due process to these individuals. Are they not afforded due process when they apply to enter the United States legally using our immigration laws? Of course they are. Many individuals who seek entry through this country legally have been waiting for years. However, these criminals are deserving of “due process” before those who have followed our laws? Illegal aliens here are deserving of consideration of a path to citizenship before law abiding immigrants who jumped through every hoop contained in our immigration law? While you may think that makes sense, it does not make sense to those who respect the law. It does make sense when one examines the agenda behind this support of lawlessness.

Of course, your answer to the problem, just like your Democratic cohorts, is to throw more money at the problem by spending $3.7 billion of tax-payer dollars to “help” these “children” and throw money at the Central American governments of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador to “help stabilize” those nations. When will you and Democrats learn that you can’t solve every problem by throwing money at it? Tell it like it is Ms. Sanchez – this money will only cover the “care” of those that have crossed already without addressing new influx of invaders or stemming the tide of future invasions. And, let the people know this money does not begin to cover the cost in government assistance programs you Democrats will ensure these illegals receive – that’s extra. This money does nothing for border security either. If truth be told, Ms. Sanchez, the plan is to give amnesty with the “promise” of border security that will never happen – as was promised in 1986. Fool us once, shame on you; fool us twice, shame on us. Come out with the truth and tell Americans this is all to collapse the economy of our nation, heralding in socialism under a dictator.

Another little tidbit you forgot to mention is the fact that advocates for “immigration reform” in the form of amnesty continue to welcome these invaders, many criminals in their own countries. Some of these illegal invader groups are now wanting the return of land dubbed as the mythical land of the Aztecs, known as Aztlan that encompasses much of the American Southwest. In case you didn’t know, one of these groups is La Raza, a well-know criminal gang. Enough is never enough for you liberal leftists as you would destroy yourselves and everyone else in order to advance your ideology. But, you do not have the right to destroy everyone else nor do you have the right to force your ideology on an entire nation.

Explain to the parents of a 9 year old girl who was assaulted by an individual who was deported four times over the last few years for crossing illegally why it is appropriate to welcome with open arms any and everybody not knowing their background. Explain your great concern for “humanitarian” issues when you ignore the raping of an innocent child by one of your “anointed.” Where is your concern for our nation’s children? This child was robbed of a childhood by one of your precious illegal invaders because of your president and party’s lawlessness in refusing to enforce the law. Explain to them why these illegal invaders’ supposed “rights” trumps the rights of their daughter.

Ms. Sanchez, it is not the fault of the Republicans for not cowing to the demands of a child president who only wants the immigration “reform” he wants. The fault is squarely on the shoulders of this president, his ilk, and you, Ms. Sanchez, for sanctioning the lawless, criminal behavior of a president who is refusing to enforce our nation’s current immigration laws. It is elected officials such as yourself who fail to follow the Constitution in removing a lawless president, thereby violating your oath of office to support the Constitution, who are responsible for the hot mess at the southern border.

You, Ms. Sanchez, are a criminal, a traitor and a vaudeville charlatan deserving of the punishment to the fullest extent of the law afforded to those who commit treason and crimes against the people of this nation.

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