Businesses to Become Sock Puppets for Government Under Obamacare

They just can’t seem to help themselves. But, really, it’s for our own good. Liberals can’t stop dictating to the poor, unwashed masses; and, all of their political strivings are about nothing other than gathering more power to control people. For the greater public good, mind you.

The latest example of this kind of thing woke me up on my alarm-clock radio yesterday, and I’ve been quietly seething about it ever since. National Public Radio’s Morning Edition had a fluffy piece about chubby folks in the workplace starting to band together to form little accountability groups to help each other lose weight. It was a cutesy Oprah-esque story, obviously meant to sound fun. All the participants sure sounded like they were having a good time. One man they interviewed, for instance, happily shared his appetite suppressing trick: Whenever he gets a craving he thinks about the National Rifle Association and it quickly makes him lose his appetite. So, you see, happy little thoughts and yuckin’ it up all around. But the devil, as they say, is in the details.

The reason all of this is happening? Nina Totenberg reports that Obamacare will “allow” businesses to charge overweight employees more for their health insurance.  How many businesses, you reckon, if given the option of paying less into this mandatory fiasco will choose instead to pay more?

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So what this amounts to is Obamacare using private-sector business as giant sock-puppets for the imposition of a liberal agenda of increasing control over the lives of individuals. Comply or pay more. Follow our enlightened life-rules or accept the punishment.

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But wait (says some dupe who considers himself to be a conservative….wrongly) isn’t it a good thing to encourage fat folks to lose weight? Since increased health-care costs result from things like smoking and over-eating, aren’t we being more fiscally conservative by eliminating these costly behaviors? The short answer is no, you’re not. What you’re doing is selling your soul to the devil.

Because where does it stop? We don’t have to speculate. I’d point to China. Kids cost a lot of money. They get sick, and moms in labor often need medical attention. So let’s all be good, fiscal conservatives and impose a limit on how many children one may have. And if you mess up and begin to transgress that limit, the cheaper option for everyone will be a single forced abortion rather than a lifetime of taxpayer funded care.

No, friends, the conservative position is the one espoused by all the heroes we reverently refer to as Founding Fathers. Get the government out, period. If government had never started paying anyone’s medical bills, going to the doctor would still be affordable for middle class families. There is a reason plastic surgery for vanity is just about the only form of “medicine” the middle class can afford: government and most insurance plans have always refused to pay for it.  Paying for a C-section out-of-pocket would crush my family personally, but we could save up for a nose-job if we wanted to.

Obamacare will use businesses held in its chains to enforce the government’s will. This is the same strategy SkyNet used to take over the world in the Terminator franchise: simply subsume the systems already in operation, rather than build something new from the ground up.  It is the totalitarian’s ultimate dream: private business as the fourth branch of the federal government. Coming to a formerly free land near you.

As ominous as this is, I want to assure you that hope is not lost. We don’t have to change everyone’s mind in the whole culture to get this thing turned around.  God routinely works great victory through a remnant that is willing to be faithful even unto death.  As an aid to that process, check out the small, information-packed article Christian Resistance to Tyranny: The Three-Point Strategy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, now only 99 Cents to Kindle readers. You will be inspired by the example of a true Christian patriot.

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