Does Bunkerville Prove We are a Nation with a Loud Voice, but a Bunker Mentality?

The last forty eight hours have been a tremendous emotional roller coaster for me personally and a great number of Nevadans and an even greater number of American Patriots.

As you all know by now, I spent Saturday with the Bundy family and their supporters at the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada. How appropriate that name – Bunkerville. To me, the name is most appropriate because the vast majority of Americans have had a “bunker mentality” for so long that the extraordinary courage of the entire Bundy family has only exacerbated that mentality.

Before I launch into my tirade of disappointment, let me share with you all some insight from a good friend of mine; a great American Patriot and a Canadian, who has seen the “benefits” of socialism in his native land to the north. (Emphasis added by me.)

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I must admit, at first we thought this guy, Bundy, was in the wrong because he had not paid the same range fees everyone else has to pay. Then we researched and found out more of the TRUE story.  To say we are ashamed of our Federal Government is an understatement. We are furious!!  It appears Bundy’s great grandfather bought and paid for rights to this land about 1887.  He sold the rights to his son, and the son passed them on to HIS son, (the current Bundy).  Besides buying and paying for range rights, they built waterers, fences, road, etc, (all with personal money).

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After 1972, it sounds like Bundy actually DID pay grazing fees for a while because the government was supposed to assist ranchers in the management of their ranges.  The grazing fees were to be used for wages, repairs and improvements of the ranches.  However, the fees were not used as promised, but instead, started to be used against the ranchers.  They bought out all the rest of the ranchers with their own grazing fees.  Mr. Bundy stopped paying BLM because they weren’t doing what they had been hired to do.

Our federal government uses “endangered species” and trespassing” to allow illegal court orders to make the public mistakenly think the way we did at the beginning.

The truth will set us free, but only if more people are told the truth.  For some reason, the media doesn’t actually investigate this travesty.  We have to get the real truth out some other way. (Maybe social media? or?) Otherwise, people might think the way we erroneously did.

It may look like the feds backed down because they gave back the cows.   But, not for a minute do we believe they won’t be back with more supposed logic that the public may or may not believe.  Our freedoms are being systematically being removed.  Enough is enough!

I have attended countless Tea Party and similar gatherings where we were graced with speakers, not of this country originally. It has always amazed me that these people who have travelled so far, and often at the risk of their very lives and the lives of their families can see so clearly where this country is headed while we who were blessed to be born here flat refuse to see.

I have been associated with the Tea Party since about the end of 2009 or early 2010. And I signed the Oath Keeper pledge as many years ago. And I joined a Constitutional Conservative biker group; only to get thrown out for voicing an opinion that differed from its leadership. And I have worked on campaigns for conservative candidates like Sharron Angle and Chris Edwards and a number of others.

And I have expended all this time, money, effort and emotional energy because I am one of those… I am a believer.

I believe in what this country once was, and I believe that this country can yet return to the path that led this nation to the pinnacle of modern day civilizations and I believe that our Constitution was a gift of divine providence and that we have squandered that gift and are now in the process of abandoning it in the name of personal comfort and safety.

We are a nation with a loud voice and a bunker mentality.

The average citizen has never had to stand alone and face the juggernaut that is the United States Government. I have had the misfortune to be in that position.  It is like a first parachute jump that begins when circumstances, or your jump master, tosses you from the safety of your conveyance into the unknown with no firm vision of how long this free fall will last and with at least some certainty it will end with you playing the role of a bug on a windshield. But you place your faith in God, and you jump because you have no choice.

And that is exactly what the entire Bundy family has done. And in proud support and admiration, the American people hunker down in their bunker mentality and hope it blows over peacefully.

My estimation is that the Bundy Ranch Standoff has barely begun and may yet erupt in the most onerous manner.

I was tremendously proud to be part of those who went to the Bundy Ranch; willing to stand strong, “…until the cows came home.”  And when the cows rounded the bend in the Virgin River guided by the Bundy cowboys I knew a respite had been achieved, but I had no illusions that that this fight was over.

The media who dared buck the establishment, the majority of which was not “main stream,” showed the crowds and the militia members gathered at the demonstration sight. But what most did not see was the extent of the militia that never got near the demonstration site, but provided cover for all of us from the bluffs surrounding the Bundy Ranch. It was not we who stood like sitting ducks in a small barrel that the big bad Government was concerned with – it was those that we did not see, but were seen by the Government drones and aircraft flying overhead.  No, you may not have seen them, but they were there…far above our ability to see or hear.

And who else did we not see?

The Oath Keepers were there…a few of them at least. I have seen twice that many at meetings in Las Vegas. Where were all those folks when the Bundy family needed them the most.  I was told that the Las Vegas Oath Keepers were “on standby.” Really? Standby for what exactly? Body Bag Duty? I ride a motorcycle and was able to make the trip from Las Vegas to the Bundy Ranch in just over two hours’ time. I simply cannot get my mind around the “stand by” position of the Las Vegas Oath Keepers.

And the National Oath Keepers organization put out a call for all Oath Keepers Bikers to roll out in support the Bundy family. I am an Oath Keeper and a biker, but rolled out alone as a single American Patriot. There was but one person that I could identify as a Peace Keeper Biker – and he rode in from Oklahoma City.

  • Where were the Tea Party groups from Las Vegas and the surrounding area?
  • Where were the additional militia groups that were promised but never showed up?
  • Where were all the Constitutional / Conservative biker groups?

Hunkered down. Bunker mentality; hoping this will pass and that this misery is never visited upon ourselves and our families.

Is this the state of our outrage at an illegal government overreach orchestrated by one of the most corrupt political families in this country?

Is this the definitive statement of our willingness to defend our freedoms?

Is it a matter of “convenience,” or a lack of it, that determines whether or not we are willing to stand up for what is right?

Do we fear the inevitable retribution of a corrupt government so much that we are willing to allow our fellow citizens and our neighbors to be ground under the brutal heel of oppression?

I would like to remind people that it was a cooperative of Jewish businessmen that catapulted Adolph Hitler to power. And in gratitude for their support he gave them first class seating on the cattle car trains to the death camps.

Evil men who do evil things have always removed those who remind them of their dark deeds.

The Bundy family expressed their appreciation to all of those who turned out to support them; those seen and those not seen.

The Bundy family was grateful, and I was proud of those who stood strong and proud to be a part of that group of patriots.

I was ashamed. I was ashamed that I could not do more than put this old decrepit body on the front line of defense. I was ashamed that a mere thirty miles to the south hundreds of people visited the Clark County Fair Grounds, but could not be bothered to show support for the Bundy family. I was ashamed that patriots came from more than a thousand miles away to support the Bundy family, but no more than a few dozen Nevadans could be bothered.

Hunkered down. Bunker mentality.


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