The image above may well go down in history. We can all recall a time when a black woman named Rosa Parks defied law and won. No need exists to paint the picture. You already know it. You can already see her. Here we see a modern representation as Americans awaken to the insidious growth of our federal Creature. Over the weekend, a fierce standoff between Bundy Ranch militiamen and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) came to an endFor now.

Highlights from the events that took place are finished off with a dramatic conclusion in a Youtube video watermarked by InfoWars.

Posted yesterday, the video already has 105k hits. For all intents and purposes, the video has gone viral. However, Facebook is doing its best to stand in the way of people seeing it. Facebook is a private company. They may control content if they please. However, Facebook's lean to the left becomes more prevalent as the days go on.

If you own a "conservative" Facebook page you know all too well that Facebook has been censoring, charging higher prices for ad space, and decreasing the social reach of your page when compared to more liberal leaning pages for quite some time now.

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Facebook users who attempted to share the video were met with an abrupt security pop-up:


Mark Zuckerberg and his team of liberal elitists would rather not have Americans see what it looks like to win for once. Here at we believe in the free flow of information. Although Facebook won't allow you to directly share the video, you may still be able to share this inspirational video through this article.

Bundy Ranch: Who Actually Owns America's Land?

Update: Feds planning a full scale raid on Bundy Ranch after "standing down."


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