Islamists Promise “40 Lashes” To Shop Keepers Who Sell Alcohol

Whitechapel, a district within east London, was most famous for the notorious 19th century serial killer Jack the Ripper. Today, it is the center of the British Islamists and their implementation of sharia law. How fitting that Whitechapel would transition from an area plagued by one killer to a an area overrun by murderous Islamic thugs. This is one area in London that is under sharia law, without the interference of British authorities. British Islamists took over the area, and the British authorities have vacated. There are at least 85 sharia courts operating in Britain right now. This is what a takeover looks like. It’s brutal and it will destroy the UK. Sadly, this is the future of America under sharia law.

There have already been reports of “Muslim patrols” harassing people who live in East London and threatening them. This intimidation is standard for the area, and for British Islamists who are there to enforce sharia law. An American student was badly beaten in London in October of this year for drinking beer by “Muslim patrols.” So any violence that comes to London, particularly East London, the “Muslim Patrols” are likely responsible.

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On Saturday, the British Islamists who have taken it upon themselves to police Whitechapel, have been threatening shop keepers with grievous punishment for selling alcohol. They threatened 40 lashes as punishment.

The protesters, including Anjem Choudary, the former leader of the Al-Muhajiroun group which was banned under terrorism laws, delivered warning letters to Muslim-owned businesses.

“The shops are run by Muslims and they know they are selling alcohol and they know the sale and consumption of alcohol is completely prohibited,” he said. “We cannot live among the non-Muslims and see this evil take place.”

The “Muslim patrols” are threatening Muslims for selling alcohol, but they are also seriously threatening non-Muslims with punishment. This proves that Islam is impartial to violence. Muslims or non-Muslims it doesn’t matter. No one is immune to being targeted and threatened, especially when it comes to implementing sharia law.

 Mizanur Rahman,organiser of the protest, said it had urged business owners to stop selling alcohol in breach of Muslim laws.

Mr Rahman said: “We want Sharia law to be enforced in Britain,” before adding that many of the Muslim owners had been “embarrassed and ashamed” when confronted about their alcohol sales, but had argued that it was an economic necessity.

This is the only goal, full sharia law in Britain; nothing more, nothing less. These brute tactics and threats will never end as long as British Islamists have the upper hand. As their population grows, so does their influence, but the government has already surrendered to sharia. It’s too late to change their course.

Scores of Islamic protesters joined one of Britain’s most controversial preachers yesterday to demand that restaurants and shops stop selling alcohol in a popular area of London.

Business owners in Brick Lane in Whitechapel, on the edge of the City, were warned that they faced 40 lashes if they continued to sell alcoholic products. The area is renowned as a location for office Christmas parties.

This is to be taken very seriously by anyone in the area. They mean to impose sharia law in this area by force if necessary. In Islam, nothing is asked. It is taken in blood. Nothing is given peacefully, but only with the sword.

If Britain wants to go the way of Iran, where Sharia law is fully implemented, it is on the right track. Alcohol consumption and manufacturing are strictly forbidden under sharia. In 2012, an Iranian pair was sentenced to death after being lashed 160 times for alcohol consumption. The British Islamists who are trying to implement full sharia, by force if necessary, are seeking this kind of system. It is impossible to imagine such brutal punishment for alcohol consumption. But no crime’s punishment in Islam is fitting, except death for the Islamists themselves.

 In 2011, The Daily Mail did an exposé on these “Muslim patrols” and how the English government has not done anything to stop them.

An Asian woman, who works in a pharmacy in east London, was told to dress more modestly and wear a veil or the shop would be boycotted. 

When she went to the media to talk about the abuse she suffered, a man later entered the pharmacy and told her: ‘If you keep doing these things, we are going to kill you’.

This will never stop. Sharia will be the law of the land one day very soon for all of Britain. The work has already been done. Now in America, the tides are turning. From coast to coast, America is under the same assault. This is the near future.

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