An Islamic school in England, called the Siddeeq Academy, was deemed "illegal" after it was found to be connected with the jihadist group, Al-Muhajiroon. British police officers forcibly broke into the Siddeeq Academy as part of an ongoing anti-terror project that has already raided the home of four Muslims linked with terrorism.

The Department for Education (DfE) said:

We are aware of the police investigation in relation to the Siddeeq Academy and it would be inappropriate to comment further while that continues … It is an offence for a school to operate without being registered. The police and Ofsted have the power to enter premises where they believe that full-time education is being illegally provided to children of statutory school age.

The school was located in the London borough of Tower Hamlets, and now there is going to be an investigation of the borough's Muslim mayor, Lutfur Rahman. Home Secretary Theresa May said:

Following divisive community politics and allegations of the mismanagement of public funds in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Eric Pickles has sent inspectors to investigate Lutfur Rahman, the elected mayor of the borough

Rahman is already making objections:

To suggest through rumor-mongering that Tower Hamlets' schools are at risk of influence from extreme views or behavior is false and deeply irresponsible

According to one report:

Rahman has also been accused of having links with Islamist extremists within the UK. In 2010, his chief election campaign coordinator, Bodrul Islam, accused him of having a strong relationship with the Islamic Forum of Europe, a group with ties to well-known Islamist activists in East London.

Earlier this year, a number of British schools in Birmingham were accused of being infiltrated by Islamist radicals, in a plot dubbed as "Trojan Horse."

A letter, which allegedly exposed the plot, detailed a strategy in which schools would be forced to adopt a number of Islamic cultural facets, including a system of school governors and the hiring of teaching staff who would promote an Islamic religious agenda with its own rules and moral regulations.

As a result, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said new reforms to regulate the management of British schools, including more frequent inspections and rules ensuring greater oversight of school governors, would be introduced.


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