Bring Back All the Jobs America Has Sent Overseas

There was a time—before Reagan, before Kennedy—when the United States was proud, when it meant something to be a United States Citizen.  It was a time when nearly everything was made here in the United States, not in China, Bangladesh, India, Mexico, or other nations.  It was a time when shirts were made in the United States, when shoes were made in the Northeast, when socks were made along the eastern seaboard—a time when bicycles were made in the Midwest—a time when jobs were plentiful, when it was very good to work and make things in the United States—a time when pride was coming home with a check from working during the week and having fun spending it on the weekend. It was a time when being a Christian was a badge of honor, when going to church was a big event, when playing in the streets meant you had fun not fighting, and when you did fight, it was with your hands. And afterwards, you both got up and shook hands and were friends. A time when going anywhere in the world, a United States Citizen would be welcomed.

Today, with Obama and the Socialists/Communists in the white House and in Congress, nearly all the things that once made the United States powerful and respected are now frowned upon—shoes are made in China, where people work on the first floor of their apartment buildings so there is no excuse to miss work. Shirts are made in Bangladesh, where they work 7 days a week, 12 to 14 hours a day, for $32 a month. Nearly all of what was once proudly made here in the United States is now made in China, our enemy and a Communist state where people are forced to work in jobs the government tells them to work at. The United States is laughed at, not respected, and looked down upon. We fear going to other nations due to terrorists and maybe being killed or taken for a ransom.

Yep, in just the past 60 years, the United States has gone from being the most powerful to the most laughed at, and under Obama, the most hated and ridiculed. What happened to the United States where “WE THE PEOPLE” found it much better to work than to collect for sitting on our butts? Where is the United States where making items here within our shores was a proud and proper thing to do? Where have “WE THE PEOPLE” failed?  Has this happened because we are much more worried about our day to day lives than about what we as a nation can do?  Have we lost the ideology of being a Christian nation only to allow people who wish to kill us become empowered?

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Okay, I feel better now, but if you agree—if you love freedom, if you love the United States and want this nation to take our jobs back and bring them back here to our shores again so many more people can work instead of collecting from a broke government—then do your duty and pass this on.

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