Breaking Down Syria, Five Evil-Style

As you may already know, I contend that we under attack not just by evil but by FIVE EVILS. These are (1) Communism, (2) Islamism, (3) New World Order (NWO) Corruption, (4) Crime, and (5) Hedonism. These are savageries which we must eradicate if we are to have any peace.

Under Communism, I place Putin, Red China, Venezuela, and several smaller players, though they often play by the rules of the NWO and criminals. Marxism is rampant also in our politics, media, schools, labor unions, and now churches. Alinsky tactics are used incessantly for these means, although one might properly say these are criminal tactics used with evil intent.

Islamism is the obvious urge towards jihad, Sharia, and the worldwide caliphate.

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Under New World Order, I place those governments and entities which use the hypnosis that everything is alright in order to enslave us to more hedonistic forms of freedom. The Western nations are deep into pacifying us with their form of capitalism, which is the promise of luxury. When it comes to evil, theirs is the most preferable form because it generally is not noticeable, that is, not painful… until it comes crashing down.

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Hedonism means anything that, falsely, “is not hurting anyone but me.” Under this, I place sexual deviance, intoxication, and counter-culture. Society can never be rid of these things, but when society tolerates them, hedonism takes on a life of its own, a militant evil manifesting as “rights” to sodomy, bestiality, child sex, adultery, narcotics, public drunkenness, and unchecked radicalism.

Crime is the opposite, not pretending to be harmless. Crime caters especially to hedonism, providing gambling, prostitution, drugs, illegal alcohol, and other vices which, when prohibited, profit the criminal greatly. Thus, incompetent law creates mafias, gangs, cartels, and the like. If hedonism is provided a legal outlet, as gambling and prostitution in Nevada, crime must adhere to that law or suffer non-competitive products and services. Naturally, there is petty crime also (not so petty to those suffering the consequences): the pickpocket, the thief; and also the psychopath: the murderer, the rapist.

Previously, I wrote an article using this categorization to determine “Who or What is Obama?” Today, we use the same method to discover what’s really going on in Syria.


What concerns Russia and China most is the transmission of energy from Asia into Europe. This is their main breadwinner, and no one should mess with it. However, as this map plainly shows, no current or proposed Russian pipeline runs through Syria. Nevertheless, there are many who say Syria is all about energy delivery (look here, here, here). Either way, why would Russia want war in Syria? Answer: they do not. Russia wants Assad in power because he keeps the Muslim extremists at bay as ruthlessly as Putin. The Muslim caliphate is not part of the communist world domination plan, and the Islamists are saboteurs. Assad profits power and wealth, as well as safety, by aligning with anti-Islam Russia. At play is not only oil but also strategic footholds against the West and against the Islamic extremists (why Russia invaded Afghanistan and backs Iran). But why is the United States getting involved? The entire Middle East struggle has been a giant game of Risk for over a century. While America has enough oil and gas for centuries to come, and Canada has that potential as well, it has not been exploited fully nor for our benefit, stifled by enviro-fascists, taken to the world market rather than America given first dibs. Syria does not pose a threat to America’s oil in any way. So what is it? If we were to give this real thought, it should be obvious that only Russia has benefited from Obama’s involvement in Syria. If Obama is as smart as they say, the logical conclusion is that he conspired with Putin to make America look bad and Russia the good guy. That would make Obama a traitor. If Obama is as stupid as they say, he merely made it easy for Russia to publicly access Syria. That would make Obama unfit for office.


America has energy reserves galore, gushing over really. Yet the liberals especially have blocked the Keystone Pipeline, much oceanic exploration, more gasoline refining, fracking, coal, and even windmills! To the astute, it would seem obvious that the liberals want America to be dependent on foreign oil. Except that we seem to now import less than ever before! Very interesting. Thus, Obama’s stance in Syria, Egypt, Libya, and other places is not so much pro-oil. We don’t need their oil. But we do need world stability. The Islamists, however, want unending chaos. If Obama isn’t helping Putin, then he’s simply failing in a mission to help the Muslim Brotherhood. The idea that Obama is himself Muslim Brotherhood does not make him any more competent. He made a hash of Benghazi, he’s not won the day for the Brotherhood in Egypt, and he’s now disempowered Syrian terrorist elements, who (by the way) OPPOSE the chemical weapons going to Russia. If Obama is a Muslim extremist, he is a clown. But supposing he’s a double agent for the NWO?


What is the American interest in Syria? Yes, Israel’s safety. Though others scoff at the notion, it helps Israel to have a stable Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and so forth. Many believe Israel runs America but this is insane. Even if Israel was goading war in Syria, the ones goaded would need to agree. Do we really believe the United States is in terror of Israel? Even if you do, I’m moving on here. In fact, the destabilization of Syria would not be such a stretch for the NWO if it weren’t for the fact that Assad’s iron hand helps the NWO keep the Islamists at bay. Even the Russian puppet Assad (or is he the American puppet?) is a useful ally of those who like the status quo. That John McCain is egging on a full-scale war is amusing in a way. He’s acting like a madman, but likely because he realizes there will be no bombing or invasion. And here we are today, backing off (or down, depending how you feel about it). The NWO does not want Assad gone. Why then is Obama blowing smoke so billowing? If he’s as smart as they say, it is to cause Putin to blink, to take up the responsibility for the chemical weapons. This is the theory for Leftist sycophants. This of course is hooey. If Obama is as stupid as they say, Putin simply checkmated him. It’s a face-saving for the NWO, a close call if you will, but is there really no recovery of integrity for America, as the conservative media bleats? Um… we still have plenty of nuclear weapons, energy reserves, and patriots. America is still America. Bully! But let’s look at it a different way. What if the NWO mucked this up on purpose in order to distract from the September 10 Tea Party Obamacare protest or from the September 11″Million Muslim March” & biker counter-protest? Why this would worry the NWO is beyond comprehension, and perhaps it serves some vanity to believe it. Nevertheless, there are also the IRS, NSA, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and other scandals for Obama to sort out. Is this the reason the NWO instigated war drums against Syria? I don’t know – does it make sense to cover a lie with more lies? No, but that’s what liars do.


The burlap sacks are filling up with money as we speak. While eyes are trained on Syria, Obama and his cronies are filling their pockets and solidifying power for years to come. Call it NWO, call it communism, but these are criminals. Keep in mind that the grabbing hands are always working their mischief. For these people, Syria is just another diversion. Perhaps Assad plays his role and gets his cut?


The narcissism apparent in Obama’s stance should not go unnoticed. Even if he is a puppet of communism, Islamism, or NWO, he still must have the temerity and ice-cold veins to pull off his stunt. We must admit that Obama has barely broken a sweat, even as World War 3 looms, even as Congress, the people, and the media turn against him, even as he flushes his “legacy” down the drain. His ability to blame everyone but himself, to say he never drew a Red Line (in fact, to lay it on the entire world!), and to golf while Rome burns is an incredible gift of sociopathic behavior, if not psychopathy. He continues to vacation in luxury even as his own beloved Occupy Movement rots. But if this is all on Obama, if it’s only to serve his vanity, what kind of game are we playing? If he is NOT a puppet of any world domination scheme (and, admittedly, that is highly unlikely), we are under the leadership of a true madman, perhaps even the master of chaos himself. For if his calm demeanor comes not from knowing the outcome in advance, what was he thinking? Or was he thinking about anything other than himself? Or is world chaos his final goal?


Personally, I believe, and have been saying the entire time, bombs will NOT drop. It’s all been a bluff, a ruse, a sham. This was a game to move weapons into Syria, perhaps from Benghazi, and out of Syria, probably to cover tracks. Meanwhile, more national debt, more violence at our Mexican border, more gun-control talk, more race-baiting and violence from it, more corruption, more double-talk, more media betrayal… And on it goes. What will it be next week?

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