Mass Protests In Support of Cliven Bundy 4/12/2014

Many people across the nation are uniting together in support of Cliven Bundy. Whether by helping to spread the word, helping with supplies, or actually going on location to protest. WE THE PEOPLE are uniting in mass. Patriots are coming from as far as Florida to show their support standing in the face of tyranny, but we need many more.

This is much larger than Cliven Bundy, cattle, turtles, or fines. This is about control of the people, land grab, resource control, and running Nevada citizens off of their own land. Ultimately it is UN Agenda 21 in action trying to implement total control over sovereign land. If BLM gets by with this they get by with taking immediate control of 600,000 acres of Nevada citizens property.

Update on Bundy Ranch vs BLM on scene.

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Cancer victim slammed to the ground by BLM tyrant.

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Mass Peaceful Protests are scheduled as follows: EVERYONE who can please show up and take your stand against tyranny.

Nevada State Capitol Building
101 North Carson St., Carson City, NV
Time: 12:30pm

Las Vegas Federal Building
333 South Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada
Time: 4:00pm

Hosted by “Our Natural Rights and Reclamation Nevada”

“Let’s exercise our first amendment right so that we don’t have to exercise our second amendment right!” David Lory Van Derbeek

“Good men like Gordon Martines are the exception that proves the rule.” Stewart Rhodes, when talking about the few good people we can count on in the police departments.

Protest in Support of Cliven Bundy

Send a message to the BLM and Federal Government that you support the Bundy’s by protesting on Saturday April 12th at the federal building at 333 South Las Vegas Boulevard. The protest will begin at 4:00 PM and will be hosted by Our Natural Rights and Reclamation Nevada. Speeches will be made by gubernatorial candidate David VanDerBeek (IAP), Gordon Martines, who is running for Clark County Sheriff, Howard Scheff (IAP) who is running for State Assembly in district 42, Stewart Rhodes the founder of Oath Keepers, Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R), and many others as well! Please remember to bring signs, flags, and banners if you have any.

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, bring water, and any supplies you may need. To check weather click here. I do not know how long these protests will last. Come prepared to stay a while, as there must be a massive message sent to the federal government about their illegal actions.

Nevada Law backs up the Bundy’s and shows the BLM and all involved in the cattle theft are GULITY of GRAND LARCENY. According to Nevada law BLM is gulity of multiple felonies. The CITIZENS AND BUNDY’S are following the LAW, while BLM is breaking the law! Sheriff Doug Gillespie as well as the state troopers whom are not arresting the BLM agents are also possibly guilty of felony charges for not arresting and going after the cattle rustlers according to NRS 205.230.

NRS 205.230  Duties of peace officer concerning grand larceny of animal.
1.  All state, county, city and township peace and law enforcement officers are empowered and directed to pursue, apprehend and arrest whenever or wherever, irrespective of county boundaries within the State, a person who commits grand larceny in violation of subsection 3 or 4 of NRS 205.220.

2.  Upon apprehension and arrest of a person pursuant to subsection 1, the arresting officer shall take the person before the nearest or most accessible magistrate without unnecessary delay. [1911 C&P § 375a; added 1951, 299] + [1911 C&P § 375b; added 1951, 299]—(NRS A 1967, 176; 1983, 855; 1997, 342)

BLM excuse of “fines” is not an excuse for stealing the cattle according to Nevada Law 205.265.

NRS  205.265  Commission or part ownership no defense for larceny.  It shall be no defense to a prosecution for larceny that the accused was entitled to a commission out of the money or property appropriated as compensation for collecting or receiving the same for or on behalf of the owner thereof, or that the money or property appropriated was partly the property of another and partly the property of the accused; but it shall not be larceny for any bailee, factor, pledgee, servant, attorney, agent, employee or trustee, executor, administrator, guardian, officer or other person to retain his or her reasonable collection fee or charges. [1911 C&P § 387; RL § 6652; NCL § 10339]

BLM claim about “saving the tortoise” is proven false.

Infowars Reported

Months before the heated contention between the Bureau of Land Management and Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy, purportedly over protecting an endangered species of desert tortoise, the BLM was euthanizing the tortoises in droves.

Throughout the housing boom in the 2000s, the Bureau was earning enough to fund the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center (DTCC) in southern Las Vegas, a habitat “created in 1991 to house wild desert tortoises removed from the path of development and to use those tortoises to aid recovery of the species.” Its operating budget was about $1 million per year.

But the recession that followed dwindled the number of developers, and in turn funds for the DTCC.

So, facing the prospect of shutting their doors, the DTCC began releasing healthier turtles into the wild, and euthanizing some of the sick ones.

Associated Press Reported: August 25, 2013

Back at the conservation center, a large refrigerator labeled “carcass freezer” hummed in the desert sun as scientists examined the facility’s 1,400 inhabitants to find those hearty enough to release into the wild. Officials expect to euthanize more than half the animals in the coming months in preparation for closure at the end of 2014.

“It’s the lesser of two evils, but it’s still evil,” Roy Averill-Murray, tortoise recovery coordinator with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service desert, told the AP.

Averill-Murray estimated 50 to 60 percent of the facility’s 1,400 tortoises were stricken with disease and could not be housed near healthy tortoises. Others were “too feeble to survive,” according to the AP, and could not be adopted out.
“The ones that don’t get better and that are sick and suffering will probably be euthanized because that’s the sensible thing to do,” Allyson Walsh, associate director for the San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research, said.

News that the tortoises were going to be set free or killed spurred people around the world to contact the refuge in attempts to adopt death row tortoises, and donations began flowing in hopes to keep the DTCC afloat, but the BLM estimated it wouldn’t be enough to sustain it overall.

Nevada definition of Grand Larceny.

NRS  205.220  Grand larceny: Definition.  Except as otherwise provided in NRS 205.226 and 205.228, a person commits grand larceny if the person:
1.  Intentionally steals, takes and carries away, leads away or drives away:
(a) Personal goods or property, with a value of $650 or more, owned by another person;
(b) Bedding, furniture or other property, with a value of $650 or more, which the person, as a lodger, is to use in or with his or her lodging and which is owned by another person; or
(c) Real property, with a value of $650 or more, that the person has converted into personal property by severing it from real property owned by another person.
2.  Uses a card or other device for automatically withdrawing or transferring money in a financial institution to obtain intentionally money to which the person knows he or she is not entitled.
3.  Intentionally steals, takes and carries away, leads away, drives away or entices away:
(a) One or more head of livestock owned by another person; or
(b) One or more domesticated animals or domesticated birds, with an aggregate value of $650 or more, owned by another person.
4.  With the intent to defraud, steal, appropriate or prevent identification:
(a) Marks or brands, causes to be marked or branded, alters or defaces a mark or brand, or causes to be altered or defaced a mark or brand upon one or more head of livestock owned by another person;
(b) Sells or purchases the hide or carcass of one or more head of livestock owned by another person that has had a mark or brand cut out or obliterated;
(c) Kills one or more head of livestock owned by another person but running at large, whether or not the livestock is marked or branded; or
(d) Kills one or more domesticated animals or domesticated birds, with an aggregate value of $650 or more, owned by another person but running at large, whether or not the animals or birds are marked or branded. [1911 C&P § 373; A 1915, 119; 1947, 85; 1949, 127; 1943 NCL § 10323]—(NRS A 1965, 1007; 1967, 499; 1969, 531; 1979, 155, 1444; 1983, 546; 1989, 71, 1433; 1995, 13, 1221, 1323; 1997, 341; 2011, 163)

NRS 205.222 Grand larceny: Penalties.
1.  Unless a greater penalty is imposed by a specific statute, a person who commits grand larceny in violation of NRS 205.220 shall be punished pursuant to the provisions of this section.
2.  If the value of the property involved in the grand larceny is less than $3,500, the person who committed the grand larceny is guilty of a category C felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS 193.130.
3.  If the value of the property involved in the grand larceny is $3,500 or more, the person who committed the grand larceny is guilty of a category B felony and shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for a minimum term of not less than 1 year and a maximum term of not more than 10 years, and by a fine of not more than $10,000.
4.  In addition to any other penalty, the court shall order the person who committed the grand larceny to pay restitution.
5.  If the grand larceny involved a sale in violation of subsection 3 or 4 of NRS 205.220, all proceeds from the sale are subject to forfeiture.

Definition of livestock:

NRS 205.219  “Livestock” defined.  “Livestock” means:
1.  All cattle or animals of the bovine species;
2.  All horses, mules, burros and asses or animals of the equine species;
3.  All swine or animals of the porcine species;
4.  All goats or animals of the caprine species; and
5.  All sheep or animals of the ovine species.
(Added to NRS by 1997, 339)

Nevada peace officers’ duty according to law are REQUIRED to remove and arrest the BLM agents and hired hands for “Grand Larceny” OF Cliven Bundy’s cattle. As you can see according to Nevada Law BLM is guilty of GRAND LARCENY All State Troopers, local law enforcement, and the sheriffs department that aren’t arresting these BLM tyrants are in fact CRIMINALS BY THEIR OWN LAWS. Thus they are no longer LAW ENFORCEMENT, but criminals in costume and either need to start doing their job or be arrested themselves.

Armed citizens and militia in Mexico are arresting corrupt officials, protecting citizens, stopping corruption, and taking their towns back one town at a time. All in an “UNARMED” country. While here in America “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” citizens in an “ARMED” society refuse to stop the tyranny, to stand up, to unite, and do our lawful duty and arrest these treasonous tyrants.

Now is the time to STAND! Now is the time to make them listen! NOW is when WE THE PEOPLE must stand united and take this country back! Please join in the protests, or on the front line supporting Cliven Bundy’s fight for liberty against this criminal tyrannical UN controlled tyranny. This is about all of us. WE THE PEOPLE cannot allow another WACO! Congressional hearings won’t do “after people have been slaughtered by the government” it’s time to stop them in their tracks. We can only do that by showing up in mass numbers supporting Cliven Bundy and outnumbering the BLM government tyrants. The only peaceful way to defeat them is to out number them massively. They will back down when we all stand together united as one. If we don’t this could become another WACO in the making. We the people cannot allow that to ever happen again in this country no matter where the location.

Will you join in the fight for liberty and freedom? Will you fight against UN Agenda 21? Will you fight against international control over sovereign land? Join in the fight for liberty, carpool, bring friends, armed militia, veterans, Patriot Guard, bikers, truckers, all are needed.

Sheriff Richard Mack Speaks Out Against Federal Tyranny.

Note: Information has come in that “coms” have been cut/or jammed where protestors and people reporting on location of are unable to get communications out. Unconfirmed as of yet.

Suspected that Cell Towers May Have Been Shut Down: Unconfirmed.

May God bless Cliven Bundy and Family, as well as all the patriots involved with taking a stand for America. You are all in our prayers. Semper Fi.

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