Did Bowe Bergdahl Served With Honor and Distinction?

With Honor and Distinction.” This phrase did at one time elicit strong emotions of pride within me. At this moment, it feels like the term has been badly soiled. This phrase was, at least in my mind, reserved for those who have served this nation. Although most often applied to members of the military; not exclusively so.

And I always felt that sense of pride because as a disabled veteran I felt a kinship with those who had earned the accolade. One of my bosses in years past and a longtime friend wears a small blue ribbon with thirteen white stars on it. He served with honor and distinction. The medal on his chest only acknowledges that fact; his actions defined the truth of it.

Those of us who served honorably were rewarded with an “Honorable Discharge” and for most of us that simple government form stating that we had served honorably was the only reward we asked for. It is what we strived for. It is what we and our families sacrificed so much for. There was no greater goal for us than to proclaim that we had served our country honorably.

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With distinction? That designation was never sought, but was bestowed on those who served by the strength of their character framed in unique circumstances as is the case with my friend with that small blue ribbon.

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The so called “prisoner swap” of five top level Taliban terrorist for Sergeant Bergdahl has been very upsetting from the moment it was announced as I have said in previous posts. The overwhelming evidence provided by his fellow team members has raised serious questions as to the character of that person.

In the very best of circumstances Sergeant Bergdahl is most likely guilty of desertion. Desertion is one of the four remaining charges punishable by death under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). There is sufficient anecdotal information surfacing to strongly suggest that Sergeant Bergdahl may also be guilty of treason. The military has confirmed that a capture or killorder was issued in the search for this person.

The Deranged-Socialist-In-Charge (DSIC) says that he is proud of this exchange and would (will?) do it again; and yet he allows one who truly has earned the accolade “With Honor and Distinction,” Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, languish in a Tijuana jail.  That fact does not shock me because in my opinion the DSIC holds this entire nation in open contempt; especially our military.

What has so severely attacked my sense of propriety is the assertions by the DSIC’s National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, that Sergeant Bergdahl has served this country “…With Honor and Distinction.”

How does a professional bureaucrat such as this become our “National Security Advisor”?  That alone boggles the mind.

Most of us recall the Sunday morning talk show “blitz” performed by Susan Rice as she attempted to “sell” this regime’s spin on the Benghazi debacle. She and her fellow traveler on the road of intensive recreational chemical quality assurance, former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, have truly served their master “…with honor and distinction”.

But the same could be said about Joseph Goebbels and Adolph Eichman of days past. They served their master “…with honor and distinction.” Goebbels had the decency to commit suicide as did his master and Eichman was captured by the Israeli and tried for war crimes and subsequently executed by them.

I sincerely doubt that any of the Obama lap dogs have the personal integrity to serve with full honor and integrity but will follow the example of their master – the cockroach – and scurry off to dark corners when their benefactor is no longer sitting upon the throne.

I am reasonably certain that the American people do not have the stomach of the Israeli to do what should be done with this entire regime so I can only hope for that history will judge them all for what they are: The architects for the death of the greatest nation God ever gifted to mankind in the same vein that Adolph Eichman was considered the architect for “the final solution” in ridding the world of the Jewish people; the Holocaust.

The forces of evil are lining up behind their master with Whore House Harry Reid simply discounting statements by members of Bergdahl’s unit and the New York Times attacking those who served with Bergdahl; basically calling them liars and right wing conspirators.

Anyone who has ever served in our uniformed services fully realize the raw courage these men show by daring to speak out; whether they be active duty or otherwise.

In our world, where this regime does not hesitate to bring the full force of government agencies to bear on those who dare to speak out, these men are showing an uncommon courage not unlike that required to walk through the valley of death in defense of freedom of all men and women everywhere.

A lot of “D-Words” come to mind as I try to express my feelings for organizations like the New York Times and the army of Obama Lapdogs; words like despicable, disgraceful, disreputable, detestable, dirty and a host of other adjectives. However, none adequately express what I feel in my heart and in the pit of my stomach.

The Obama Regime has stayed true to form; doing everything it can do to tear this country down and reduce her to just another third world country.

But until such time as any member of our armed forces choose to fire on their fellow citizens, I will continue to believe in our military; those remarkable men and women who have written that blank check in defense of our nation and American values; each and every one whom I believe serve in these troubled and dangerous times “…with honor and distinction” – unlike Sergeant Bergdhal.

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