Born This Way – Ye Will Not Surely Die – Will You Stay a Slave?

The slave ship’s captain, John Newton, found himself in the midst of a treacherous storm at sea and prayed to God to spare him. Some of the slaves he was transporting were released from the cargo hold and helped to save the ship. Shortly thereafter, Newton had an epiphany and gave up the slave trade. It was as a result of being spared in this storm that inspired John Newton to write what is perhaps the most recognized hymn, Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me…”

While we all commit acts that are deserving of death, it is an even greater insult to God’s mercy when we refuse to turn away from our licentiousness, and even excuse those actions which God forbids us by saying they are not sins at all. The argument that homosexuals are “born this way” is one and the same as the Serpent’s argument to Eve in the Garden of Eden: “Ye shall not surely die…” Both are statements that God is wrong, and that we know better than God. The sodomites, seeking ever to excuse their deviancy, do not hide what they do—instead “they flaunt their sin,” encouraging even young children to engage in and celebrate it, and hold “Pride parades” to tell the world how happy they are to be in rebellion against God.

The large number of “homosexuals” who have conceived children in the only way possible (a heterosexual relationship) demonstrates that homosexuality is merely a preference which can certainly be overcome, and is not a condition of birth. It is a perversion of what nature’s God intended our bodies to be used for, and has never been looked at as the natural way.

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However, many of our elected officials (the President included) embrace this rebellion against God, seeking votes among the deviant. They embrace criminality in many ways, including legalizing the murder of innocent children, which was also prohibited by Scripture. If the fear of the Lord were to be put to a vote, the Devil would win every time. In speaking to his followers, Jesus said,

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“If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.”

Today’s politicians mock us all with the false doctrine of collective salvation, but they do not believe in collective sin. Should people of God live in a land and be represented by servants who fear not the Lord?

Those who fear the Lord are being forced today to not only tolerate homosexuals, but to do business with them, to hire them, and to cater to their lifestyles. We have heard that 18 States, plus the District of Columbia have legalized unions between Sodomites and called it “marriage,” yet most of these States have had this forced upon them by judicial fiat, or (as in California) by elected officials who refused to obey the sovereign authority of the citizens of their State.

The U.S. Supreme Court rightly demurred when given the chance to de-define marriage for California, but Chief Justice John Roberts wronged the American People by failing to vacate the original ruling of the federal district judge which obliterated the sovereignty embodied by California’s Constitution. Likewise, Massachusetts and many other States have been left in legal limbo by a court that has refused to strike down flawed and incorrect rulings of other Judges who misinterpret the 14th Amendment to support concepts that were never been discovered therein during the past 150 years, and which its authors could never have intended.

Recently, many States which have Constitutional Amendments defining marriage as between one man and one woman have seen Interposition and Nullification used against their duly-enacted laws to push sodomite unions and special privileges upon their citizenry. Since the beginning of 2014, each week has seen at least one or more court rulings aimed at destroying the Constitutions of States that have defined marriage as between one man and one woman: Oregon, Utah, Oklahoma, Nevada, Indiana, Kentucky, and most recently Virginia have been attacked from within by supporters of Sodomy posing as judges who respect neither the authority of the People, nor do they fear the Lord. Because of this, Bakers, Photographers, and other business owners in these states have been successfully sued and forced to render services to the homosexuals, or face deleterious fines which threaten to impoverish their families who rely on their work to survive and earn a living. To the political leaders of today, a man’s right to work and earn a “living wage” is only a right if he disobeys God and embraces the Sodomite lifestyle. Any person should expect their right to be protected to open a business that caters to likeminded individuals who share their values and faith. These State officials, Federal in-Justices, the U.S. Attorney General, and the President of the United States have conspired to lead the people against the Lord, and are denying “every man the right to worship God in such manner as he [the man] thinks acceptable to Him [God]…” And because of that, we cannot sit still and be idle.

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