Border Patrol Are Now Asked to Consider Gender Identity

Not long ago, the idea that one could feel like or identify themselves as something that they were not was considered strange.  In fact, not too many years ago, it would have been grounds for institutionalization.  When a child sang, “I’m a little teapot,” no one thought they believed that they were.  But today, we must ask if that is not the case.

People who are born one gender are claiming that they are actually the opposite gender.  They know this because they “identify” as such.  This has begun to take over policy-making in our government.  The latest victim is the department of Customs and Border Protection.

Breitbart reports:

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Border Patrol agents and others operating under the umbrella of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) must now consider not only the sex of the criminal they are detaining, but the “gender identity” of the individual and how they feel and identify. The terms “illegal alien” or even “illegal immigrant” do not appear at all in a new 31-page instruction document. The new rules were published by CBP and according to the agency, “includes language on gender identity, which was not previously included in the individual component policies. Specifically, whenever feasible, officers and agents who conduct a search or are present at a medical examination must be of the same gender, gender identity, or declared gender as the individual being searched.”

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Now, this would be confusing but manageable if we were only dealing with two genders.  So, if you have a man that identified as a woman, then the policy would make sense.  In most cases, it would just require that those escorting, searching, or accompanying the Illegal would have to be women.  But what if the person does not identify as either?  Right now, there are at least fifty-one different gender identities that are recognized.

The Daily Beast reports:

Most of us never question or think much about our gender, but it’s an essential part of our identity. And given the endlessly diverse ways people experience their gender, their bodies, and their masculinity or femininity, it’s a wonder there are so few words to describe it. Except there are actually (at least) dozens of gender terms, and Facebook is now offering its users numerous options to present their gender identity to their Facebook friends in the same way they do in the real world (or a different way – because, hey, and it’s your gender identity and you can do what you want).

This would mean, by necessity, that the CBP would have to have on staff at least two of each of these genders—one per shift.  And this at any location.  Just think of the lawsuits that are just waiting to be filed.  Lawyers would be lined up outside of the detention centers, just waiting for these illegals to be released onto our streets.

The situation is one that will, once again, prove to stifle an already handicapped department.  Where do you hold a 300-pound Mexican man who claims he’s a woman?  Do you place him in a cell with women?  Do you place him in with the men?  According to the document, he has to be with the women.

Breitbart reports:

Section 4.3: General Detention Procedures

Gender of Searching Officer/Agent:

Whenever operationally feasible, officers/agents conducting a search or that are present at a medical examination must be of the same gender, gender identity, or declared gender as the detainee being searched.

Gender Segregation:

Male and female adult detainees will be segregated at all times when in hold rooms. Particular care should be afforded to at risk populations, including transgender and intersex detainees. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis, based on family unity.

No worries there.  This is what happens kids when the Fool is made king.


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