Boehner Indicates He’s Going To Cave On The Budget Again

Last week Senate Republicans demonstrated their inability to lead on issues and circulated a draft bill that would cancel $85 billion in across the board spending cuts and instead turn over authority (something that the Constitution doesn’t really allow for) to Barack Obama to achieve the same level of savings under a plan to be filed by March 8. Today John Boehner once again demonstrated his own impotent leadership and said that he didn’t know if the sequester would hurt the economy, but would pass a continuing resolution, rather than have a real battle for a budget, to keep the government running through the fiscal year in September, which essentially approves the current rate of spending set by the Obama administration.

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This move by Boehner only further indicates why Republicans should have replaced him with someone that has intestinal fortitude and cojones when the year began. It is also the second time in two months where Boehner has avoided a fight that the conservative in the House wanted in order to keep the GOP from being blamed in the matter. Ultimately it was Boehner and company that eventually capitulated to raising the debt ceiling in January, which was the result of the 2011 conflict that led to what is faced now, the sequester.

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Both actions are the results of fearing losing control of the House of Representatives in 2014. Let’s just be blunt about that. The question though is how are these guys expecting to win an election when they will not lead? How are they expecting to get support when they tuck their tails and run because they’re afraid to get their hands dirty and do what needs to be done? The truth is that they won’t get elected doing things like this.

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The administration is amendable to legislation now being written in the House so long as it sticks to a $1.043 trillion spending level lawmakers previously agreed upon,” said National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling. “The president doesn’t believe in manufacturing another crisis.”

Sure he doesn’t. That is the only thing he believes in.

“The president this morning agreed that we should not have any talk of a government shutdown,” Boehner told Washington law breaker David Gregory on Meet the Press. “We should not have any talk of a government shutdown so I’m hopeful that the House and Senate will be able to work through this.”

While Boehner stated several times of his allowing one tax increase for Obama and wouldn’t allow anymore, he did not rule out new taxes as part of a future deal, but continued to provide the rhetoric of being interested in cutting spending.

“I’m going to say it one more time,” Boehner said. “The president got his tax hikes on January the first. The issue here is spending. Spending is out of control. There are smarter ways to cut spending than this silly sequester that the president demanded. And so we need to address the long-term spending problem. But we can’t cut our way to prosperity.”

When asked about new taxes, Boehner said, “The president got $650 billion of higher taxes on the American people on January 1. How much more does he want, one. When is the president going to address the spending side of this?”

Newsflash Speaker Boehner: He is not going to address them until you force him to address them. As long as you are willing to roll over like a scared, little girl and give him exactly what he wants, he doesn’t have to.

“We’ve said were open to discussing how to reconfigure those spending reductions without raising taxes,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said. “The president seems not to be interested in reducing this amount of spending even though he signed the bill a year and a half ago.

“The American people look at this and say, ‘Gee, I’ve had to cut my budget more than this’,” he continued on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I think they expect us to keep the commitment that we made. I haven’t heard a single Senate Republican say they’d be willing to raise a dime in taxes to turn off the sequester.”

Joel Pollack at writes, “The hope is that a managed retreat will prevent major political losses that could swing the House in 2014. The result, however, is that Democrats are in complete control of the policy agenda, despite controlling only one of the two houses of Congress.”

“On issue after issue,” Pollack continues, “the Republican caucuses are reduced to reacting to the proposals of the other side–or capitulating, piece by piece, to policies that they might otherwise have opposed, fearing the confrontations that President Obama so earnestly seeks.”

Pollack is right. Republicans have been in retreat mode for some time. The actions last week and Boehner’s comments this week, along with the deal that just raised taxes on everyone making $40,000 or more earlier in the year are the result of fear and political posturing in order to maintain power. It certainly isn’t about helping America or Americans. Understand something, I realize that these are Barack Obama’s ideas. However, just remember the these same Republicans in leadership went right along with it and approved these ideas because they were scared.

Consider that the elections were just a few months back and all they can think about is the next election, not dealing with the business at hand. If the GOP leadership would lead, they wouldn’t have to worry about re-election, they’d get it. It’s moves like this, where they worry about how people will view them, that get them into trouble.

They continue to be scared. They bark, but there is not bite. They promise, but they don’t deliver and many of them are on board with Karl Rove and wanting to remove Tea Party Republicans from having a voice and those in office, who claim to be a part of the Tea Party, endorsing moves like Rove’s. Friends if the GOP is going down, it’s not because of Obama. It’s because of a lack of leadership.

What do this mean for you and me? Simple. This will inevitably bring about more deficit spending, another manufactured crisis, and ultimately more taxes to pay for the spending. Meanwhile, there will be no spending cuts.

My advice to Speaker Boehner is two-fold. One. Step down and let someone actually lead. Two. If you aren’t going to step down, and I assume you’re not, then step up to the plate and do what is right and let the chips fall where they will. Otherwise, all you are doing is aiding and abetting Barack Obama in his agenda, because you certainly are not pushing one of your own.

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