Boehner and Cornyn: Republican Communists Doing Their Part to Discredit America

In the recent debt ceiling surrender, few Americans were shocked to see the Republican establishment capitulate to the Democrats and hand Obama a blank check. It seems as if the Republicans we voted for to stop Obama are more responsible for the advancement of his agenda than the man himself. This is because they could, in theory, offer enough opposition to slow his agenda; however, because of their incessant desires to be agreeable and appealing to those who typically don’t vote for them, they simply go along to get along while betraying their loyal voters.

One of the key Republican figures responsible for this is senate WHIP John Cornyn. He has voted against nearly all of the Conservative attempts to defund Obamacare. He voted with democrats to kill the filibuster against amnesty. He voted with democrats to kill the filibuster against the nomination of an anti-gun pro-abortion federal judge, and he voted with democrats to let Obama make appointments without senate confirmation. (This information was provided by Just who is this guy working for?

Florida Congressman Allen West (R) had gone public and announced to the nation that nearly 80 members of the Democrat Party in the house belonged to the Communist Party USA. This is a shocking revelation seeing as though most of them probably couldn’t tell you a thing about the history of communism in the twentieth century. Be that as it may, Allen West neglected to mention the fact that members of the GOP were actually working with communists in the development of the gang of eight immigration bill.

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Why were Republicans working with communist party members on an immigration bill they knew would destroy the nation? The only logical answer is that the Communist Party USA is as deeply entrenched in the GOP as it is in the Democrat Party. Understanding this is vital in order to put all of the traitorous actions of the GOP into greater perspective.

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One of the goals of the Communist Party is to overwhelm the public with enough confusion and uncertainty that they lose hope to the point of accepting anything in its place. The communist plan all along has been to discredit America in all of its aspects; government, culture, economy and morality in the hopes of being able to present communism as a viable alternative that would not only solve all of these problems, but build a better, almost perfect society. This is why any average American would not be able to recall the atrocities committed by left wing communist regimes, this reality has been ignored in our institutions of higher learning. What the communists have been able to brilliantly pull off is labeling the holocaust and fascism as a right wing extremist ideology, hence the ease in which the left is able to discredit Conservatives. The history of this goes all the way back to the second world war in which the U.S. was offering military supplies and funding to the Soviet Union while pretending that there was not a mass democide taking place.

What all of this means is that John Boehner, John Cornyn and other big shot establishment Republicans are not republicans at all; they are infiltrators doing their part to discredit the institution of congress. It would be safe to say that they have been extremely successful as the congressional approval rating currently sits at an all-time low of nine percent. This gives the Communist Party the perfect opportunity to present their vision of utopia to a misinformed public that has been conned into believing our constitutional form of government is flawed because of the actions of these traitors. This is best highlighted by the recent words of Sam Webb, head of the Communist Party USA.

“The problem is that there is such a stigma about communism among Americans, thanks to Obama and his policies, however, people are more willing to accept it.”

Did you catch that? Thanks to Obama and his policies, people are more willing to accept communism. What he is really saying is that Obama has done a superb job of destroying the economy and creating hopelessness that people are desperate enough to accept anything in place of the current broken system. That’s what you get when a nation is stupid enough to elect a community organizer to the highest office of the land. All they know how to do is create hate and discontent, as the words community organizer evolved from the term communist agitator.

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