Blowback Against the Liberty Amendments?

I know I’m not supposed to think this and revenge is neither sweet, good nor charitable, but would it not be a wonderful spectacle to witness and be part of a movement that helps restore America and watch as all branches of the federal government can only sit by helplessly as their power begins to erode?

Recently, thanks in no small part to Mark Levin’s latest bestseller, The Liberty Amendments, there has been a resurgence of interest in the Constitution and states’ rights.

The states have it seems, all of a sudden, begun to reassert themselves. It’s as if we all forgot that the Constitution was written by and for the states and to protect the citizens from the very thing that afflicts us, and oppressive centralized authority.

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I’ve written many times about how, I believe, the founders of this country were truly a gift from God, for their wisdom and prescience has not been repeated since.

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Who else could have predicted the mess we currently find ourselves in?

Yet, they foretold it. Why else would they have inserted Article V into the Constitution?

Levin’s book was just released in August and mere months later 100 representatives from 32 states assembled at George Washington’s home in Mt. Vernon, to discuss the implementation of Article V.

Now you tell me; is that not a Christmas miracle?

States like South Carolina and Virginia have already begun to assert authority over the feds. It really is wonderful to see. And there’s really nothing the federal government can do about. Or is there?

We all know, and it is well documented, just how low down and dirty the current administration is. Heck, not just them, the entire government, including both Houses.

But as bad as we think they are now, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet, if states begin to successfully curb and reverse federal authority.

We’ve seen what the NSA, EPA and IRS are capable of and they’ve only just begun.

Look at how the Republican leadership reacts whenever there ironfisted authority is challenged, although their vitriol is reserved only for conservatives and constitutionalist.

Do we really think politicians and power-mad authoritarians will go quietly into the night? Think again.

So what might happen to these states that don’t know their place and decide to get all uppity?

First, we’ll see all the Soros funded groups like Center for American Progress and MoveOn join with the ACLU (as if they’re not already joined) and file a gazillion lawsuits in federal courts, that, thanks to Harry Reid, are currently being packed Marxists, claiming this and that is unconstitutional.

Then the Jackboots will swing into action “Gee, pick your state; you’re getting a bit uppity and we’re afraid if you keep this up, maybe we will have to pull your educational funding. Remember those federal highway funds you needed? We may have to divert them to a friendlier state.”

Don’t think this can and will happen? Think it’s illegal for the feds to withhold those funds, you say? Hah!

Just look at the record of the low down nefarious thugocracy that currently resides in the White House. Do we really think they care that legality may get in the way of their agenda?

Let’s not be na├»ve.

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