More Black on White Crime, but Not a Hate Crime Apparently

This is becoming old, isn’t it? For those who have read anything Colin Flaherty and/or Taleeb Starkes have written, we know that when it comes to blacks injuring or killing whites, these type of crimes are rarely charged as “hate crimes.” Such seems to be the case with one of the most recent situations involving a 16-year-old thug who goes by the street name “Red,” and an innocent white victim who tried to fight for his life.

Nathan Trapuzzano was a newlywed and happened to be out for his morning walk. He was then accosted by the suspect – Simeon “Red” Adams – and then another suspect comes into view. You can see it on the video below.

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The thug life. It's all about race.
The thug life. It’s all about race.
Interestingly enough, though Adams was arrested (after confiding in a friend about the murder), it does not appear that hate crime charges were filed. Let’s see a show of hands of those who think that no hate crime charges would have been filed had the ethnicities been reversed. Anyone? Your vote doesn’t count, Sharpton!

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Several other interesting facts have come to the surface since this crime occurred. Apparently, “Red’s” probation officer could have recommended that the youth be incarcerated because of outstanding charges. “Court documents show Adams, Indianapolis, was free to roam the streets for a month while awaiting a hearing on 13 probation violations, including nine violations of his house arrest.”

Dead man, gunned down by a thug who has no capacity to feel remorse.
Dead man, gunned down by a thug who has no capacity to feel remorse.
Thirteen probation violations, including assault with deadly weapons on several people (including Trapuzzano), and grand theft in stealing a large number of weapons from a gun shop. But gee, he was only 16-years-old and since he was violent due to “white privilege,” is any of it really his fault? Poor kid. Right.

Seems to me the government is at fault here for creating a whole generation of enslaved blacks, chained to the entitlement system. Once that was accomplished, then the same government attempted to withdraw their “support” leaving people to fend for themselves. That’s not to excuse this thug (or any other) because they are responsible for their own actions. The government has simply helped them become thugs by the government’s actions. Entitlements need to be over. Use it to educate and provide job-training for these goons. Of course, the problem is that once you get used to a “thug” life, it’s hard to want to become a respectable citizen, I’m sure.

Nonetheless, had Red been incarcerated, he would have remained there until his April 7th hearing and Trapuzzano would be alive today. Beyond this, the probation officer resigned after this all came to light. I’m sure he felt terrible, but the problem is that he was the one who did not alert the courts until after Red had committed 13 probation violations, not the normal 3 that usually force the situation into the courtroom. Do I smell a lawsuit? Could be.

Finally, in the articles I read, no mention was made of Simeon “Red” Adams being charged with hate crimes. If he was, I can’t find it. This stuff just goes on and while suspects are arrested, they are rarely charged with hate crimes. I talked to one police department awhile back about another situation involving black on white crime, where hate crime charges were not filed, and the response I received was that there are many things considered when seeking to apply hate crime charges to a crime. My response was that when things are reversed, it is automatic that hate crime charges are filed.

Consider the amount of black on white crimes perpetrated via the “knock-out” game. A number of white people have been killed, yet it is rare – very rare – when hate crime charges are added. Yet, not long ago, a white man played the “knock-out” game against an older black man and was caught and immediately charged with a hate crime.

My point is really simple. Anytime, a person of one race commits a crime on the person of another race, it should be categorized as a hate crime. It’s all reprehensible and it doesn’t matter who perpetrates it. The only thing that keeps that from happening is political correctness and something called Critical Race Theory. I’ve discussed both of these things here and elsewhere. In fact, I’ve written two books on the subject as well.

Political correctness, using Critical Race Theory as a vehicle, teaches that blacks are incapable of racism because they are not “empowered” over other races. The only way you can get to that conclusion is by altering the definition of racism. Truth is, at the root of racism likes hatred. It’s really that simple. Blacks can hate just like whites. That hatred can cause people to do terrible things against people of other races. It’s been with us since the beginning of time, but here we are in 21st century with everyone pretending that that’s not the problem. It’s ludicrous.

The only way some of these thugs will get the message is when you and I carry and are prepared for the potential problems created by young black thugs who hate whites. The police are there to catch the criminals after the act happens. They are not there to prevent it.

Your safety (or lack of it) is in your hands. Whites have civil rights too, in spite of what race-baiters would like the world to believe. I’m not saying to go around with a huge racial chip on your shoulder. I’m simply saying be prepared for the eventualities that may occur in a society where thugs do what they want with impunity.

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