Black Friday or Dawn of the Dead: What Is the Difference?

Remember that George Romero movie from the late 1970s? Dawn of the Dead?

Everything about this year’s Black Friday is even more gag-inducing than previous years. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s because people do not realize how dire things really are here in America, but the fact that people continue to act like a bunch of mindless zombie sheep who would last out at each other over blu ray players and blenders makes me weep for humanity.

Oh, apparently it isn’t even Black Friday anymore. They’ve stretched it out into a four-day event:

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Did you know the top .01% of Americans now own as much as the bottom 90%? And of course that is underestimated because there’s tons of hidden wealth current figures don’t even take into account. Regardless, our wealth gap and the inequality here in America may be the highest anywhere in the world ever in recorded modern history…

And still people act like this every year:


Because nothing says holiday spirit and cheer like beating each other bloody over a six-dollar toaster made by Chinese people who live in work shop houses where the conditions are so bleak and horrible, the factory owners have to literally put nets up around the building to try and keep the workers from committing suicide at any minute.

Back to clueless First World Problems, this year, photographers were waiting to capture the Black Friday carnage. Why?

Because, like clockwork, every year, people stampede, trample each other, fight, and get arrested…to buy crap on sale.

Check this one out from ABC News/Good Morning America:


Supposedly, these people are fighting over a bargain flat screen TV in a Walmart subsidiary called Asda in London, but the whole thing looks terribly staged with all those cameras right there at the ready.

What else. A fight that broke out in the food court at the Annapolis mall caused shoppers to panic because they thought there was an active shooter in the building.

Several women who wound up in a fight at a Kohl’s department store in the middle of the night also wound up arrested. One woman had to be taken to the hospital with facial lacerations.

Another man blooded someone’s nose in a mall parking lot after he was kicked out of the mall for his behavior in Indianapolis, and when an off-duty cop tried to break it up and get the guy to leave, the man began punching the cop. Apparently, the man’s girlfriend showed up and she also began punching the cop. Both were arrested.

These two women started beating each other at a Victoria’s Secret. Fansided’s Hayden Kane asked, “At some point, these people aren’t fighting to get the deals, right? They’re just fighting.”

The list goes on and on. Someone punched someone else over a Barbie at a Walmart in Norwalk. Actually, that reminds me of the year I took on extra hours at a Toys ‘R Us because I was a broke college student and wanted a little extra Christmas money to buy my kid presents. We had to call the police on Black Friday because two women got into a fight over the last Barbie. It was some special edition must-have thing. Apparently they went for it at the same time. One woman bit the other, actually drawing blood to try and get the Barbie out of her hand. She was arrested.

I always wondered, if the biter had gotten the Barbie that way and made it to the checkout without being handcuffed and dragged out of the store first, and she actually wrapped it up and put it under her Christmas tree, how would she explain the blood stains on it to her kid?

That brings me back to Dawn of the Dead.

Watch this clip at about 1:50 or so:


“What are they doing? Why do they come here?”

“Some kind of instinct. Memory of what they used to do. This was an important place in their lives.”


An important place in their lives?

More like a ritual they’ve been brainwashed to repeat year after year.

This is how people here act because… Christmas sales.

Not the threat of starvation, not the death of the middle class, not the failing economy, not riots, not war, not the depopulation agenda being perpetrated against us all, not a real zombie apocalypse.

Freaking Christmas sales. Cheap plastic crap. Fake plastic trees. Stupid nonsense their television sets told them they just had to have.

Can you imagine what would happen in this country if there was a run on the banks?

If the power grid went down?

If the EBT cards got shut off?

If people devolve into animals and treat each other like this because a TV went on sale for $30 off (a meaningless gesture that shows the thing was probably marked up to begin with anyway), can you imagine what they will do to each other if the sh*t really does hit the fan?


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