Birds of a Feather: Obama Played Cards During Bin Laden Raid; McCain Played Poker During Syria Hearing

If you recall, back in the middle of August, Barack Obama’s former personal assistant Reggie Love, during an Artists and Athletes forum at UCLA, said that Barack Obama was not interested in sitting in and watching the alleged Osama bin Laden raid, but instead decided to play a few games of spades. Obviously it is sickening to think that a man who is the commander-in-chief would do such a thing during supposedly an important moment. However, not to worry as Obama’s sidekick and RINO Senator John McCain (R-AZ) was apparently taking something equally, if not more serious, quite lightly during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing yesterday on Capitol Hill. Apparently he was bored and decided to engage in a little poker on his iPhone.

The Washington Times’ photographer Melina Mara caught the senator “passing the time by playing poker on his iPhone during the hearing.”


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After the photo made its rounds on Twitter and other social media, McCain made light of it in a tweet of his own:

I cannot lie here. Let me just say what I really think. John McCain, you are an ass of the highest order. In something that most definitely involves the lives of American men and women and the lives of people in the Middle East, as well as the possibility of starting World War III, you are sitting there completely oblivious to what is being said and playing a video game. Sir that is what a 5 year old does, not a Vietnam War veteran (especially one that endured what you did). You of all people should be focused on the issue at hand rather than acting childishly…. Speaking of wacko birds!

My fellow Americans, in particular, the people of Arizona, what in the world possessed you to continue re-electing this man to office? He has his picture taken with terrorists, supports attacks on the Second Amendment and plays games (literally) with foreign policy like this.

Surely a situation as was being discussed warrants that the man take it seriously enough to turn his cell phone completely off.

However, this is quite telling. Perhaps this is why most elected officials don’t read the legislation before they vote on it. Perhaps this is why they don’t even know what’s in their own legislation. This is why we don’t need any more politicians in Washington. Frankly, this makes me sick when I realize that is such a serious situation, people like McCain will think this is nothing more than a game. I don’t care what he says, look at what he does. He’s playing games with our country, our military and the world. Worst of all, when caught red handed, he merely jokes about it.

I’m guessing this is part of the reason that member of the United States military don’t want to participate in a war where they are force to side with enemies of the United States. They know their elected leaders aren’t even concerned with what they have to undertake.

Hey Arizona! Do us a favor and retire this moron!

By the way, I know this is not normally how I write, but seeing this really ticks me off!

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