Bill and Ben, We Never Knew Ye

I know why the GOP has adopted the policies of the Left: to enlarge its tent and increase its power.  However, with Ben Carson, the TEA Party has committed the same folly: adopt the racial politics of the Left, to expand the franchise.  As of the other day, the candidacies of Jeb Bush and Chris Christie were clearly on their last legs.  As of today, I add Ben Carson to that list.

Donald Trump took to Twitter to target Carson late Thursday and early Friday for claims about his supposedly violent past.

“The Carson story is either a total fabrication or, if true, even worse-trying to hit mother over the head with a hammer or stabbing friend!” Trump tweeted.

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The tweet came after a CNN investigation published earlier Thursday called into question some of Carson’s descriptions of past violent actions.

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Carson has openly remarked in his book and public statements about “punching a classmate in the face with his hand wrapped around a lock, leaving a bloody three-inch gash in the boy’s forehead; attempting to attack his own mother with a hammer following an argument over clothes; hurling a large rock at a boy,” according to CNN.

CNN followed up by reporting that nine friends, neighbors, and classmates who grew up with Carson said they didn’t recall the violence described by the candidate.  “With Ben Carson wanting to hit his mother on head with a hammer, stabb [sic] a friend and Pyramids built for grain storage – don’t people get it?” Trump tweeted Friday.

Consider this issue from either standpoint, Dr. Carson’s or that of the liberal media trashing him.  His totally uncorroborated stories about being a ‘bad boy’ in his youth are quite odd; who would insist that he stabbed someone, when even his boyhood friends do not recall his version of events? I have to agree with this liberal hack about the weirdness of that Carson claim; but as I will explain presently, that issue is trivial.

The liberal rag Politico decided to glom on, and it had this to say (but later retracted the story): “Ben Carson’s campaign on Friday admitted, in a response to an inquiry from POLITICO, that a central point in his inspirational personal story was fabricated: his application and acceptance into the U.S. Military Academy at West Point…When presented with this evidence, Carson’s campaign conceded the story was false.”

In typical, pathetic, liberal media fashion, the story was a total fabrication.  Neither of these ‘stories’ is the least bit important; my larger problem with ‘Dr. Carson the Conservative’ is that I have read three of his books written over a 20 year period, each of them a self-adulating tome with his photo on the cover and expounding policy positions indistinguishable from those of Jimmy Carter — two points that have been made about ‘The Donald’.  The difference between the two is that while we know what their favorite subject is, Ben Carson has published nine books featuring himself on the cover, whereas Trump has published eleven.   

False modesty is not modesty, people.  Nor is Ben Carson a constitutional conservative merely because he is a Black man who told the truth about Obama at a public breakfast!   

His large TEA Party following has not performed due diligence on Dr. Carson, just as most Americans – especially the media – failed to do with Obama.  The Christian wing of the TEA Party, with which I agree on almost everything, has in this case sought its own token Black president, as if to match Obama’s claim to the African American vote. 

That is abysmally naive, even as it is immoral.  Racial politics is wrong, no matter who plays the game.  Chasing the Black vote is a lost cause for the Right; most in the Black community identify with skin pigmentation rather than American citizenship, consistently voting for handouts, and whatever government control comes with them.  That is no racist comment, but historical fact that has shaped our politics, public policy, and culture for generations.  The Black minority, who identify as Americans rather than as ‘people of color’, are not attracted to race-card candidates.

I loved Bill Cosby for decades.  I thought he was such a gift to racist Black Americans.  Cosby wore his moral suasion on his sleeve, lecturing young Blacks for 30 years…until he was exposed as a ruthless sexual predator.

Dr. Carson’s biggest selling point with his followers is his integrity.  Yet, setting aside silly liberal media attacks, he is not a constitutional conservative unless you re-norm conservatism for skin color.

The media will always have a double standard for the parasitic Left: the Clintons and others of the Democrat ilk can lie through their teeth as often as they like; the media will forgive and forget.  Their fans will love them as long as the handouts keep coming. But soon or late, liars are exposed and cheaters lose.  Hillary will get her due; it’s early in the race yet.

I am no raving fan of Mr. Trump, but he is a force to be reckoned with, and I delight in his making fools of the corrupt media and D.C. cognoscenti.  Even if Dr. Carson is as truthful as Solomon, the vast undecided and independent electorate will use common sense: he is not a conservative.  Far more consistent conservatives exist in this race, though they are unfortunately White. At least until another shoe drops for GOP contenders, the way is opening up for a Trump/Cruz ticket to keep the Clintons from desecrating the White House once more.

The fact that he is soft-spoken (but hardly humble, as his interviews and books attest) is not a plus.  In assessing a potential president, We The People, their sovereigns, must assess our potential presidents as an employer should assess potential employees — by actual qualification for the position; not as swooning subjects dote upon their hoped-for next monarch. 

Ben Carson’s personality and experience make him unfit for the presidency — considerably more so than was the case for the unknown Barack Hussein Obama.  Whatever one might deduce about his truthfulness (I grant him the benefit of the doubt), he is a milquetoast.  Yes, he is my brother in Christ; I can love him like my
own flesh and blood for that, but I wouldn’t want him as my president.  Bearing and mien are vital qualifications for the presidency, as we learned with presidents Carter and Obama.    

It is time for Americans to move beyond racial politics.  Be honest with yourself, Carson followers: would you support a White milquetoast neurosurgeon who had Carson’s lack of acumen in world affairs and public policy?  The folly of reverse discrimination was settled beyond all doubt with Obama’s free pass, given by guilty white people.

Besides a milquetoast personality, Ben Carson has been as centrist-liberal as Chris Christie, and definitely to the left of Jeb Bush. Thus as I see it, the only possible motivation for the TEA Party Carson train is Affirmative Action, and that is simply wrong.  

Ironically, this very pandering to socialists, homosexuals, abortionists, and minorities made the TEA Party (initially) refuse to ally itself with the corrupt, capitulating GOP.  If any good can come from these liberal media hijinks against Ben Carson, it will be that a more careful vetting of the candidate’s actual policy positions will ensue.  

Perhaps the TEA Party will not follow the Left, as the GOP leadership has done, in their destructive capitulation to racial politics.


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