Some days the sensory overload and incredulous news reports can get the best of even the most down to earth individual to the point that knee-jerk reactions happen and a tangent in the most absurd notions take hold and anger can bubble to boiling. It is on these days that I have written some of the most outrageous things ever that I am certainly thankful never got to print. In looking at news stories from all sorts of media outlets, it isn't hard to see that the original principles of the founding of our government are taking more steps backward these days and sometimes being shoved out the window in favor of a more socialist, communist, Marxist, and progressive direction.

    Below are some of the stories of late that lend themselves to scrutiny in asking the question, "Where are we headed?"


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Millions of Americans oppose big government, intrusion of God-given rights, unconstitutional government agencies and the rampant lack of accountability of government to the people. Why are these voices not being heard? It is a simple one really and boils down to one word – the H- word. Yes, we are talking about the dreaded "hate."

While everyone may not be a fan of Neal Boortz, his recent posting on Neals' Nuze at provides an excellent summation of why conservative viewpoints are sometimes silenced, boiling it down to this one word. The point he makes is buried about halfway through his program notes once you get past the story about meeting a rival on his cruise trip.

Those who oppose liberal ideas are branded as "haters" and inevitable name-calling and label applying begins. Disagreeing with a liberal issue/opinion or the actions of a liberal icon gets the individual branded as "hating" that person when it is only the idea or action that is offensive. Opposing opinions are suppressed and discussion squelched on the issue. Liberals don't or often can't converse about the issue intelligently or in concrete facts so they result to labeling and name-calling, believing the opposition is unworthy of further attention. If the person is another race, religion or national origin, that leads to the bonus accusation of being a racist. Projection is strong with liberals.

Our founding fathers were certainly in favor of government. They instituted a government well thought out using logic, Judeo-Christian principles and sound statesmanship. To say those who support the government in its original form outlined in the Constitution are government "haters" is to be one that does not understand what the founding fathers gave us. These same individuals also do not realize that in some ways they are the ones being led astray to "hate" the government as it was intended to be in order to support a government a few want to control.

Recently, the citizens of Colorado chose to initiate a recall of their elected state officials who ignored the voice of the people in favor of their own agenda. This might not be a bad idea for the citizens of every state; recall those state officials who are abandoning their constituents. In fact, it might not be a bad idea to take it to the national level.

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