Big Brother or Eugenics? Both!

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Our American children are being conditioned to blindly accept a planned global economy. That means American ideals as patriotism and love of country must be deleted from what is taught to our children. Traditional education and the definition of family must go. Competition and rugged individualism must be erased from their personalities. But how will the globalists stop parents from teaching American ideals to their children? Students will be challenged everyday at school. Psychological and conditioning techniques are being used in the classroom to instill a more docile, compliant global citizen that reflects team efforts, group goals, and empathy. A global citizen controls their emotions and a compliant global citizen doesn’t ask questions and does what they’re told. Parents are now  “engaged” in their child’s education. They are going along, to get along.

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Data in the new Census will be collected on every citizen. Every aspect of your life is recorded. (Data will NOT have to be collected door to door anymore, because the data will be collected electronically with the merging of all U.S. departments into one Census. An algorithm will be devised to compare inputs (cost) and outputs (wages) that will tally your human capital, worth to the economy.) This data will be evidence-based and used by your government to be sure EVERYONE is in compliance in education, health, and work. (Source: HR 4174) Children will be molded from birth in the Womb To Workplace mold that the all knowing and all seeing government knows best. As the aging baby boomers die, a new set of values and beliefs will take their place. Compliance, obedience, and acceptance are the goals of social and emotional learning, SEL, and the techniques to determine “talent or abilities” are being scored in every school.

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Your School, Informer and Collector Of Data

Data is used as a temperature-taking-device to see where your child’s values lie. The new definition of teacher in the classroom and daycare center is “informer and collector” of data (information collected) on your child that will form a complete personality profile for the government starting pre-natal.  (Source: Can The Motherlode Of Federal Data Hurt You?; ; Poking A Stick In The Eye Of Social and Emotional Learning; ; Pennsylvania proposed law to screen every 6th grader, and every grade thereafter, for mental health depression: ) 

This is how the government will gain personality/psychological profiles on all children in America. (Note: Realize that Facebook is being sued for illegally harvesting psyche profiles of 87 MILLION adults by Cambridge Analytica.)  Source: ) 

Key to this data mining reveals core personality traits and motivations that drive behavior. Personality traits are the target for change and the experimental research into eugenics in our American schools. (See Part 3 below.)

So, parents are told children need to have resilience and grit. They must control their emotions and fit into the group. Data will be collected on every child in which the teacher designs a personality profile. Universal screening under social and emotional learning leaves no child unscathed. (The target is UNIVERSAL for ALL students.) Every emotion and action (behavior) a child makes is reported. A personality profile is made with checks and remarks made about the decisions of “intervention” as needed beyond the universal conditioning for everyone. Re-cycling a child into more interventions would be needed if a child resists change in Tier 2 or Tier 3 interventions. This creates the uniform perfect specimen for the global workforce who thinks and acts in harmony.

Teachers are trained in fidelity by special education leaders. The definition is frightening:

Delivering an intervention with fidelity means delivering it EXACTLY the way it was designed, and in the way it was IMPLEMENTED during research studies that have validated its effectiveness. Important components of fidelity include: content, dosage/schedule, and group size.

If a child is reluctant to the interventions, they are recycled and a second intervention is delivered with “greater intensity.”


Relating this notion to Pavlov and Skinner and the current behavioral techniques, if you take away “free will” (constant punishment or forced restraint) you take away the desire (freedom) to fight back or you cannot make your own decisions over a period of time. (See Iserbyt, The Death Of Free Will: )

Remember the experiments that Pavlov performed on tethered and salivating dogs. How long would it take for a child to give in and not protest when authority figures (teachers) continue the reward/punishment agenda for any minuscule behavior at school? Teachers are now called “intervention scientists.” Americans do have a “freedom complex” and to squash that value IS the goal. (Most traditional teachers have already been removed from the classrooms of America and forced out. Source: Teaching Inside the Tech Curtain 1 & 2: , )

In Pennsylvania, the historical, psychological state assessment, Educational Quality Assessment, EQA, was withdrawn because of my federal complaint in violation of federal law for testing attitudes and values. The top behavioral scientists of the world combined their expertise to develop the EQA. (See Common Core Global Communion, Tempest in a Test: )
 The goal area “Adapting To Change” was originally called, “Methods of Coping With Freedom.” The name was changed several times including “Coping With Change” and were titles for the experimental goal over the years. The goal has now been glossed over again by deceptively changing the name of the goal to “Emotion Regulation, Grit or Resilience.” But the first label, “Methods of Coping With Freedom,” explains exactly what the goal really meant.

A unique story headlined out of New York explains these techniques to perfection from the Hudson Yards Success Charter School. Parents wrote a letter to Eva Moskowitz, who is owner of several Success Charter Schools and former City Council member. The parents’ letter states:

“The school “broke our children’s spirit and erased their self confidence in less than 3 weeks”.  (Source on how to break a child’s spirit; ) Some of our children are getting physically sick, experiencing meltdowns, vomiting, having nightmares and/or having sleepless nights and are unable to concentrate etc. Some of our children have even requested to be homeschooled although they had been award winners and popular last year.”

Resilience or grit has new meaning when used in this example because resilience means kids are pressured to be able to cope, accept their new environment. Their daily lives at school are mass manipulated by teachers using behavioral conditioning. In other words, “methods of coping with freedom” means coping to your new environment without protest. Artificial stress is used to force the child to “adapt to change” or accept that they no longer have any power over this situation. The idea of freedom has been crushed. The child will give up. This is where the individualist, the creative, the loyal, the sensitive, the emotional, and any decisive child will be targeted, Soviet-style.

Looking at the standards used in West Virginia notice in the graph under Personal and Workforce Skills, that the student is being pressured to “go along with the group, even under stress.” The student must work collaboratively. They must “willingly align their personal beliefs and goals to the goals of others,”  forcing the student to change using peer pressure and stress as a positive goal. The standard concludes that the student “derives personal satisfaction from achieving group goals.” Group goals are the opposite of individualism. This objective creates artificial stress on the student. What if the standard conflicts with what the student believes or what the student has been taught at home?  What is the role and responsibility of a teacher to facilitate changing of these beliefs and attitudes? What does interact “productively” as a member of the group mean?

Are we creating depressed children? Are teachers acting as clinical psychologists? Does this effect the student’s personality? Yes, yes, and yes!

Response to Intervention (RTI) and Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) under the banner of MTSS, Multi-Tiered System Of Supports, are the techniques that are developed to be used for behavioral change. (Note: The meaning of positive to the Patriot, is NOT positive to the Globalist, which means a child can be targeted for specific behavioral change while training your child to be a global citizen.) With this in mind, it’s not hard to imagine the emphasis on changing specific characteristics of people or entire population groups.

In order to identify the need for change in a child, data on their personalities must be collected. The behavioral changes made through psychological interventions, a la Pavlov/Skinner, will identify the genetic markers in personalities. Who are the Eugenicists? James Heckman and Angela Duckworth are the lead change agents and DNA manipulators in your child’s future.

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