Beware the Alinsky Method: Discrediting America for the Purpose of Installing Communist Change

Sometimes it can be difficult to put thought to paper, especially when you know your piece is going to be posted alongside some of the same authors that inspired you in the first place. What makes it easy in these moments is the fact that there is absolutely nothing occurring in our country that makes any sense. We just keep drifting further and further into the liberal abyss. Of course, people must come to realize that is the very purpose driving the efforts of those hiding behind the word liberalism. Create enough confusion and chaos so the opposition is so overwhelmed they cannot possibly counter it. The word liberalism used to be understood as meaning to “liberate from” oppression; I believe our founding fathers were the real liberals as they fought to liberate others from absolute monarchy, although there are those that refer to them as terrorists or extremists, namely the defense department and the entire Obama administration, but who’s paying attention to that? With the infiltration of the Fabian socialists into the left wing faction of our government early in the twentieth century, liberalism still bore the same definition; however, it sought to “liberate” you from common sense, responsibility, opportunity, absolute value and the overbearing burden of financial success. All too many of us have been more than willing to hand over our personal responsibility to the government in promise of a “collective” utopia. Want to see the results of that? Look at Chicago or Detroit, in fact, any city that is ravaged by ghettos and gang violence can be attributed to the fact that they have been run by democrats for decades.

I always tend to be one who believes that things are never what they seem. Over the past few years, ever since I realized that a communist agenda has been written into our public schools text books virtually unnoticed anyway, I have spent a lot of time studying communism. Not so much the history, anyone over 40 knows the history of totalitarian communist regimes. I have been more interested in the psychology of it and how deceptive it can be in pursuing its collective objectives. One of the most easily accessible documents concerning the end game for the communists is the “45 declared goals of the communist party” originally published by Cleon Skousen in his book “The Naked Communist.” I have written many articles concerning these “45 goals,” but it never ceases to amaze me how easy it becomes to make sense of “modern liberalism” by simply referring to back to them. I can give you a highly, relevant example of how a communist goal was achieved through the use of college text books and college students who have been thoroughly immersed into the world of big-government socialism in elementary school. The issue would revolve around health care.

You see, one of the biggest objectives of the communists is to discredit American capitalism and freedom and present their ideas that have proven failures time and time again as the way, the truth and the light. As a college student, a few years back, surrounded by twenty-somethings that were predominately liberal, I witnessed this for myself. The topic was health care, and the text book was presenting European socialized medicine as a viable solution to our so called health care problems. The text book must have been written for dummies because it cited statistic after statistic that claimed utter incompetency of our health care system as well as the supposed millions being turned away from treatment by evil insurance companies. What did it have to say about European health care? It was free, and the government provided it for everyone because they care. That’s all. Try being the one, lone conservative in a class room full of indoctrinated socialists providing true statistics of Europe’s health care system, (mainly the one about the government not being able to afford more than thirty five thousand dollars to save your life) and see how many friends you make. This was probably about the time where some of my professors were coming to believe I wasn’t fit for the profession of social work.

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Today, as many people are coming to the realization of the effort to instill a global nationalistic government, events are extremely confusing and very little makes any sense at all. Again, by drawing on the one goal of discrediting America I believe we can make a lot more sense out of current events, particularly the situation in Syria. While the U.K. and other European nations that have aided in our other Mideast efforts snub their noses at an attempted Syrian strike, Obama decrees that he may just go it alone. You see I believe that President Obama was so easily elected because George Bush did such a good job of discrediting America on a national stage that the country was, as Dostoevsky would say, willing to let go of the past because of utter hopelessness and chance the future. People were willing to replace Bush with anything. It’s becoming clear to me that Obama’s job may very well be to discredit the U.S. on a world stage in order to usher in the final acceptance of a global government that will offer freedom from nations pursuing an imperialistic agenda. It may sound conspiratorial, but I will tell you, our youth are conditioned for it. Think of the significance of known socialist countries like the U.K., where they are known for ignoring the will of the people announce that Prime Minister David Cameron was forced to back down from his war profiteering because of a vote of the people while Obama continues to drive on as if he doesn’t need congressional approval, as the constitution demands. This is discrediting our system of government as ineffective and persuades the younger generations to view the socialistic government of the U.K. as a better system, just as it is stated in the “45 goals of the communist party.” This will con them into demanding change that the communists wish to instill. This is why I like the psychology of it. After having been educated by socialists and trained in the Alinsky method it becomes pretty easy to see through this charade. Either that or I am just a crazy conspiracy theorist. Hold tight America, it could get mighty interesting from here.

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