Bernie Sanders, Not Hillary Clinton, the Last Hope for Washington Dictatorship

Since Donald Trump's crushing victory in Indiana, resulting in both Cruz and Kasich dropping out of the race, he is assured of being the Republican nominee for President, whether the establishment likes it or not.

Now, the only hope the Washington established Nazi Regime has to stay in power is Hillary Clinton. The problem with this is Hillary has so many skeletons in her closet. From the 4 Americans killed in Benghazi over the Obama Administration's support of terrorist organizations in Syria, to her e-mail scandal, which exposed classified information to anyone in the world smart enough to hack her private e-mail account. She will not stand a chance under the scrutiny of the upcoming debates with Trump.

The Democratic establishment should be trying everything in the book to get Bernie Sanders nominated rather than Hillary Clinton, since Sanders has no personal criminal baggage or a lifetime of lying that could bury him in debates with Trump.

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Realistically, Sanders has a chance to defeat Hillary and become the Democratic nominee for President with just a few more states under his belt. After his stunning upset in Indiana, it is quite possible for him to secure the necessary delegates for the Dem nomination. At the very least, Sanders stands to keep Hillary from securing enough delegates to be nominated. Thus, what we more than likely will have is a contested Democratic Convention. In the beginning, everyone thought there would be a brokered Republican convention, but now, the chance of a contested Dem convention seems very likely.

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Sanders's support comes mainly from young people 30 years and below and a few older generations who like his views on legalizing marijuana and keeping the country out of needless wars, among other problems they see facing our country today.

With states like Oregon, California, Washington, and New Mexico still in play, Sanders has a very good chance of defeating Hillary outright for the nomination and almost a 100% chance of preventing her from getting the required delegates.

Bernie Sanders would fare much better against Donald Trump in debates, as he doesn't have a record of making outrageous statements one day and denying he made them the next, as Hillary Clinton seems to do on a daily basis. Sanders is also not under FBI investigation, as is Hillary Clinton.

The chances of Hillary defeating Donald Trump in the general election are nil at best; Sanders, on the other hand, would be harder to beat because the majority of voters who support Hillary would also support Bernie Sanders if she loses the nomination, making him a formidable force at the ballot box.

We have already had almost 8 years under a dictator in the form of Obama: we do not need another lying, treasonous criminal socialist in office who essentially would be Obama on steroids.

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