Berkley: Islamic Professor Hatem Bazian Forces Students To Tweet About “Islamophobia” For Grade

What is a student supposed to do if a class requirement is to open a Twitter account, and tweet about “Islamophobia?” Not only this, but as a final project that student is to go to San Francisco and interview people of “color” about Pamela Gellar‘s American Freedom Defense Initiative anti-Sharia ads. That is what University of California Berkley Professor Hatem Bazian is forcing his students to do. There is no question that Islam has infiltrated U.S. universities in a most aggressive fashion. Universities are preaching vile anti-Semitic messages to students, and indoctrinating them into the jihadist mindset. Perhaps the worst of all is University of California Berkley Professor Hatem Bazian. His violent anti-Semitism and involvement with the PLO and Hamas, among other jihadist operations, are well known and documented. The fact that he is teaching at any university is outrageous, but with the Islamization of U.S. universities, Professor Hatem Bazian is a symptom of a nationwide epidemic. What he is forcing his students to do is unethical and slanderous. Islamic indoctrination is coming at warp speed, and students are being forced to submit to his agenda or fail.

Universities have always been places where professors espouse agendas on their students, but now, in 2014, campuses are becoming places of Islamic jihadist indoctrination. Americans were forewarned.

In 2002, when Prof. Daniel Pipes launched his “Campus Watch” initiative to monitor “the mixing of politics with scholarship” on American universities with regard to the Mideast, he was condemned as engaging in “McCarthyesque” intimidation.

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His initiative was derided as a “war on academic freedom.” One Islamist group labelled Pipes the “grandfather of Islamophobes”.

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However, 12 years after Pipes first raised the flag of Islamist penetration of U.S. universities, it appears that Pipes, a scholar of Islam with a dozen books to his credit, was right to be concerned.

The Islamists came and they conquered. Today, Professor Hatem Bazian is forcing his students to do something that is highly unethical and obscene, to the alarm of many. Daniel Pipes proceeds to elaborate on what is going on at UC Berkely.

Professor Hatem Bazian
Professor Hatem Bazian

Two weeks ago, I received a panicked message from a student enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley.

He wrote: “I’ve been told by one of my professors I will be required, as part of my grade, to start a Twitter account and tweet weekly on Islamophobia. I can’t help but feel this is unethical. This is his agenda not mine.”

The professor conducting this exercise was Hatem Bazian as part of a course titled, “Asian American Studies 132AC: Islamophobia”.

The student is right. Professor Hatem Bazian is forcing his personal agenda on his students. It is treacherous and frightening that he can get away with this. But it gets worse, because the goal is to target anti-jihad activists, specifically Pamela Gellar, by proxy. It’s mind blowing.

There are 100 students in the class, all of us forced to create individual Twitter accounts. I’m not wholly clear on what our final project is yet (I find it very interesting that he excludes both the Twitter account requirement AND the final project from his official syllabus), but we have to meet with a group in San Francisco, and our class will be surveying people of color on the impact of some ads put out by (anti-Sharia blogger) Pamela Gellar. Now I’m no Pamela Gellar fan, I think she’s nuts, but I feel … between the Twitter stuff and the final project he’s basically using us as unpaid labor to work on his agenda.”

These are fighting words. They are also highly slanderous. However, the worst part is that the student, though wary of the assignment, has already bought into the greater lie that Pamela Gellar’s truth is “nuts.” This further proves that the greater Islamic agenda is working. People aren’t heeding the warnings of Pamela Gellar and the AFDI. For this, all American society will suffer and be slain by the greater Islamic agenda, regardless of what Professor Hatem Baziam is forcing his students to do.

The fact remains Prof. Bazian appears to be using his position of authority to make 100 students — mostly non-Muslims — tweet about Muslim victimhood in America, irrespective of how it’s defined or whether it exists.

No student I have seen on Twitter has yet posted a tweet saying Islamophobia is a myth, nor has any student challenged the validity of the term.

Here is a sampling of tweets by Prof. Bazian’s students:

One tweeted: “How difficult it is to be a Muslim woman in America”; Another wrote about “Islamophobia in Canada”; while a third tweeted, “One perspective of Islam is to view it as inferior to the West. Where does this notion of cultural superiority come from?”

This is Islamic jihadist propaganda at its worst. Professor Hatem Bazian is a terrorist masquerading as a professor. Students and faculty are none the wiser, and they’ve bought the lie.

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