Barbara Boxer on Obamacare: “Never in My Lifetime have I seen a Law that is Helping so Many People be so Vilified”

According to Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), “Never in my lifetime have I seen a law that is helping so many people be so vilified.” Yes, this is the Democratic mantra surrounding the roll-out of Obamacare that has seen premiums and deductibles increase, cost for prescription drugs increase, some specialty prescription drugs non-covered, previous health care insurance plans canceled leaving millions without insurance coverage, implementation of new hidden taxes and promotion of the rationing of health care based along age demographics.

Boxer, of course, was speaking about the constituents in her own state of California. Joining Boxer in extolling the “great success” that is Obamacare was none other than Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT). Murphy stated, “Now that the Affordable Care Act is working, now that we’ve gotten beyond those early months of technical glitches; we have a really good story to tell, and we haven’t begun to talk about how much money this is saving taxpayers.”

Notice how Democrats are now shying away from the term Obamacare. Regardless of wanting this “law” termed Affordable Care Act, it is still Obamacare – the illegitimate man in the Oval Office owns this along with every Democratic member of Congress. So Pelosi, no matter how many times you say, “affordable” will not change the fact that Democrats passed it under the usurper Obama, making it Obamacare.

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Boxer insisted that “truth” is the ally of the Democrats. “And we’ve told you the truth today. We’ve given you the numbers; we can back it up, and we’re beginning to hear people really happily get out there and tell their stories.”

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Murphy also agreed that the numbers have been robust.

Well, isn’t that just special. Since when have the Democrats ever been a proponent of the truth? And, if the numbers are so great and wonderful, please share them with the nation. Everyone wants to see the actual numbers of those who have enrolled, paid for coverage and actually received coverage. Funny, there haven’t been any reliable numbers in print anywhere. And as for the truth, many Americans who have had terrible experiences with this “law that is helping so many people” have been called “liars” by none other than Democrat Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada. Reid said these were “stories made of whole cloth.” It’s nice to be able to call citizens who provide proof and speak the truth liars when the real liars speak with impunity.

And, Mr. Murphy, let me correct you on one thing; resolution of technical glitches on the website does not mean the law is working. It is a hard concept for Democrats to follow, but they should do better in distinguishing between a website and the law.

Democrats seem to avoid the one big elephant in the room regarding this “law,” and that is the Constitution. Nowhere in the Constitution is the government granted the authority to mandate any citizen purchase anything. Government controlling people is Communism, Marxism, Socialism or any other “ism” you want to attach to it. In essence, it is the eradication of freedom in order to enslave or subjugate a population. The continual pointing out of these facts is like a broken record playing the same section over and over. But, instead of stating the truth, these “representatives of the people” want to drown out the facts by spewing more of their propaganda. One has to wonder when they will just slap the needle off the record.

Murphy accuses Republicans of trying to “undermine” the law. Both Boxer and Murphy cite the Republican attempts to “repeal” the law as undermining it. Both of these Democrats do not recognize this law as “undermining” the Constitution or the individual right to choice.

And, if the truth is the Democratic ally, then Boxer and Murphy should address these “guarantees” that were touted as truth to the American people; “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. No one is going to take it away from you. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period.”

Is this true or not Ms. Boxer? What about you Mr. Murphy? From the testimonials of individuals who have the real life experience with Obamacare, these “truths” have turned out to be false. Then, these individuals were treated like they misunderstood when your “self-professed savior” indicated this was not said or didn’t mean what everyone thought it did. Even when it was played back over and over in media, it was still denied by the one who said it. So, where is the truth exactly?

Well, according to you both, these individuals are part of a “propaganda campaign” to smear this miracle of the Democratic Party creation. And, this propaganda campaign is the product of the big, bad Republicans. This tit for tat fighting across the aisle is getting old and worn out. Some of the population realize the Democrats and Republicans are different sides of the same coin, a two headed snake with one body that jockeys for power in order to institute the same agenda thereby gaining support of the population. How many times has it been said by both sides, “Well, if it was the <insert party preference here>, you wouldn’t be complaining at all but supporting it.”

Many of the population are awake to this revelation.

A while back, I issued a challenge to any member of Congress to actually sit down and reveal the entire truth of what is in the law of Obamacare and explain it in great detail. Let’s all have a meeting and go through this law and regulations paragraph by paragraph so this “truth” or “miracle” of the Democrats can be understood and be transparent for the entire population. Dispense with the rhetoric of how good or how bad it and who is undermining and who is supportive. If any member of Congress does not have the time, send representatives from your staff. Let’s look at this thing in its entirety as the American public should know the law as well as you do. Oh wait, that’s the real deal. None of you really know so you can’t really accept a challenge like that. Not that you would anyway as the one issuing this challenge is an obscure blogger, a “pseudo-journalist” according to Frau Feinstein, a tax-payer, non-deserving of any time from anyone in Congress, even though many of your Republican counterparts have the audacity to send requests for money to this “unworthy of your time” citizen. Form letters that answer no questions asked or address any issue raised but contained too much double speak to unravel was all that this citizen warranted.

Yesterday, in an article I penned, I misstated the time since the Obamacare law was signed by the man in the oval office as three years instead of four. It was an honest mistake since I wrote a check right before penning that article using the year 2013. However, that mistake was not one that was intentional or would hurt anyone in the public. The bank will still honor that check and the mistake can be corrected in the article through editing. The “law” that is Obamacare has devastated millions. It was intentional, passed in the middle of the night behind closed doors without being read, and the American public deserves an explanation from those who support it and exempt themselves from it, call its victims liars and who continue to spew rhetoric instead of presenting reliable, verifiable, accurate numbers and examples. At the end of that article are questions that are valid and should be answered along with many more. But, those questions will never be answered nor will any honesty flow forth from the Washington cesspool. It seems transparency is not what the dictionary says it is in Washington.

So, Ms Boxer, and you too Mr. Murphy, you might want to come down from the ivory tower and actually speak to any one of the millions of Americans that have been adversely affected by this law to explain the “Democratic truth” – If you like your health care plan and doctor, you can keep them; you will see a savings of $2500 per year, and the ever famous “stories made of whole cloth.” Don’t forget your tin foil hat.

While you Republicans sit there bashing Obamacare and Democrats, can you honestly say to the American people that if a Republican had been elected we would not have some Republican form of this atrocious unconstitutional law? Do you really think anyone would believe you if said you wouldn’t institute something similar? Both parties have issues when it comes to the actual truth.

Regardless of party, any form of this type of law is unconstitutional and a violation of the oath of office taken when elected. In fact and truth, an unconstitutional law is not law, it’s usurpation. So whichever side of the aisle you sit on, quit with the “law of the land” spiel when all of you ignore the supreme law of the land – The United States Constitution.

And, if the truth is known, none of you in Washington would know the “truth” if it bit you in the part of the body that touches the chair when you sit.

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