Barack Obama’s Scandals Are Merely Exposing His Organized Crime Ring

I was reading a post at American Thinker by Matt Holzmann a while ago on whether or not it would be possible to bring RICO charges against Barack Obama and his Administration.  If only.  I brought up the same prospect some time ago regarding Al Gore.  He fraudulently acted to extort money from the American public, so it seemed a “no brainer” to me.  Of course the RICO charges were never brought.  I would say the same thing about Bill Clinton.  He most definitely has defrauded the American taxpayers with his executive orders based on Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development.  Which was completely unconstitutional.  Obama has followed suit and doubled down on that one.  Now we are stuck in the middle of White House and State Department mob actions finally being revealed to the American public.  Rampant and deep mob actions.  And going back quite some time.  Funny how another Clinton is involved.  Real funny. 

But I digress.  As I read through the comments on the article, I came across this one (below) from a guy named Radioman 777.  I just had to post it.

Any socialist party, but particularly the truly malignant ones (i.e. Communist or Nazi parties), operate in exactly the same manner as any organized crime ring, from La Cosa Nostra to the Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings, Gangster Disciples, Hells Angels, Bandidos… You get the idea.

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– You have to hang around for a while before becoming a prospect.
– Once you’re a prospect, you have to put in work (i.e. ratting on your neighbors, running errands, etc.)
– At some point, there’s a defining act that cements full membership (murder, in the case of gangs, but not exclusive to them, or turning in someone for anti-Party activities and testifying against them)
– Once in, you can only leave feet first (“Blood in, blood out”).
– To move up, you need to take out the guy above you.
– Your gang (Party) claims territory or property to which they have no title.
– The entire purpose of the lower echelons is to funnel money upwards to the leadership.
– The gang/party affords itself luxuries by depriving those outside the organization. They accomplish this primarily through terror.

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So, is the BHO administration a criminal enterprise? Using terror to coerce the general public to go along with their agenda? They used the IRS against conservative organizations, use the DOJ to intimidate the press, turned loose criminal illegal aliens to frighten the public, so that would be a check. They funnel taxpayer money to dubious enterprises in order to get kickbacks to be used for personal and politician enrichment; in effect, this is embezzlement on a grand scale. The entire cabinet and czars are those that have already “made their bones” in the international socialist movement, so the membership aspect of the organization is satisfied. There are a lot of other criteria that could be discussed, but this is sufficient to prove they are a continuing criminal enterprise.

Radioman 777 is right on target.  He says embezzlement. I would add extortion.  Socialists do operate just like organized crime.  We have a Constitution that, if adhered to, would have prevented this.  Now we have a DOJ that is part of the organized crime syndicate, so what justice will we possibly achieve?   The entire syndicate is gradually being stripped naked and exposed to the American public.  Now what?

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