The more one thinks about Barack Obama's so-called "plan" to deal with ISIS, the more one see's the complete idiocy of it. Obama has about as much military skill and comprehension as Wile E. Coyote, he's nothing more than a slick talking idiot who possesses an Acme Dynamite kit. For the last six years, he's refused to listen to some of the most brilliant military minds in the world, and when they disagreed with him, he ran them out of the service. Once again, we have an idiot president who thinks he knows better than men who have made warfare and military strategy their life's work. What I fear the most - because he's publicly committed himself to action not only in Iraq, but in Syria, as well - is that he's going to set off a chain reaction that will cause the deaths of not only American men and women, but some of the few allies that we have left in the world; and in two years, as this "non-war" drags on, he'll just retire to the golf course and never give it a second glance. Obama has shown us over the last six years that he does not hold American lives dear and doesn't care whom he put in harm's way. 

He has surrounded himself with idiotic sycophants who collectively poses as much intelligence as an ounce of goose droppings. A perfect example of this would be our current National Security Adviser to the President, Susan E. Rice. Not only is she the most UN-qualified individual to hold this position, but we all know what an idiot and liar she is when she was the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Her assessment of the current situation regarding ISIS is (and I'm quoting her): "The President's actions against ISIS are 'very different' than America being at war."  She has absolutely no inkling about military strategy, let alone any understanding as to the threat ISIS poses to the world. She's merely been rewarded with her new-found position for services rendered helping get the President re-elected in 2012. I am morally offended by her mere presence. And don't even get me started about John Kerry being Secretary of State - that's a whole new bag of stupid!

Because Obama's has either fired or run-off the best general officers he had, what we have left are nothing but a bunch of second stringers who are nothing but waterboys for the president, and who will do whatever he says…and that will cost us dearly. In fact, most of the officers in command of the military right now are "yes-men" to Obama. I fear the price to be paid in blood will be nothing compared to what we saw in Iraq and Afghanistan in years past.

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Right now America stands on a precipice and our commander in chief is an idiot who wouldn't even know what the business end of an M-16 is. I'll take it a step further by saying that Barack Obama couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the directions were on the heel.

Our only hope to put a stop to him would be a complete Republican victory in November in the House and the re-taking of the Senate, then we could impeach him. Oh, but I forgot...John Boehner said he wouldn't do that. Maybe with enough pressure (if we win), we could change his mind, because there's a lot more damage Obama can do in two short years, if he is not stopped.  You also need to remember, out southern border is not secure and it's a fact that Islamic terrorists are coming into the country from there and Obama is doing nothing to put a stop to that. Is there any doubt as to whose side he's on?

Maybe it's time the American people took matters into their own hands, because our politicians are a waste of skin.

Either way, you might want to stock-up on ammunition and food....just in-case. 

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