Barack Obama Threatens Social Security Recipients

The nonsense coming out of D.C. is staggering.  And not just because of the amount and speed of it, which reminds me of a post-party-night malady I ran into in the Philippines that my fellow squids affectionately labeled, the San Miguel Squirts.  Not just that, but also the sheer stupid of it.

We have Nancy Pelosi, with as much plastic in her face as Mr. Potato Head, assuring us that every possible cut that can be made to the Federal budget has been made.  The fragile US economy is like Michael Jackson’s nose at the end of his life, apparently.  Even the sight of another scalpel might make it all fall into dust. This, while Congressional committees are in hearings over multiple millions of dollars misused by the playful and endlessly creative folks at your friendly neighborhood IRS; and Rep. Issa’s crew is wondering how one man so suckered the EPA that they actually believed his absences from work were because he was off saving the world as a CIA agent, and thus paid him six figures plus a retirement.

11skyWe’ve lived for decades hearing from both sides of the aisle in Washington that an increase in spending can be rightly called a “cut.”  Remember when that was a knee-slapper? When that was the epitome of Orwellian newspeak? Ah, those were the good ol’ days.

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Then there came Sequestration Cuts and the End of the World As We Know It. Well, we’re several months into the Apocalypse now, as the POTUS warned us. Funny, I was thinking it would look all Road Warrior-y.

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Now, the Government is shut down. You’re supposed to shudder as you think of it. 83 percent of it is still up and running, but that’s a shut down.

A few weeks ago we felt like we could come up with the money to bring Syria to heel with an “unbelievably small” military strike. (That’ll learn ’em!) Now, money woes have caused the closing of the Grand Canyon. What have they filled it with to close it, by the way, and will there be money later to re-dig it?

World War II vets are apparently a vandalism threat at the monument that’s meant to honor them.

Many government websites have been taken down, because y’know,  it costs so much money to have an informational web page up and running. But, the folks who are recording your own keystrokes and site visit history for the NSA, they’re essential.

The Tea Party is a bunch of “terrorists.” Ted Cruz and those opposed to Obamacare are “jihadists.”  Meanwhile actual jihadists are allies and freedom fighters. Anyone who criticizes the IRS or asks about Bengazi is shouting the N-word (in a thinly veiled way) at the Whitehouse.

I’m thinking that one essential purchase we should all make during the current economic catastrophe is a new set of hip-waders.

And now, right on cue, Barack Obama has broken out the rhetorical nuclear option. Business Insider has an interesting piece on this not-only-predictable but actually predicted move, in which the President is now warning that unless the GOP controlled House capitulates to every one of his demands, then when we blow past the debt ceiling, Social Security recipients will not get their checks.

The GOP wants children to be raped, water to be polluted, and Old Folks to starve in the streets. (Please note, these are completely different than the Old Folks who may starve waiting to see war memorials in Washington. But that’s also the GOP’s fault, so lump ’em together if you like.) Not all the GOP, of course: just the ones who aren’t in full collusion with Democrats behind the scenes.

It’s tempting to consider all of this and want to throw up your hands and date yourself by calling for Calgon to take you away.

But I take comfort in this.  The words of the 2nd Psalm are still true. God still laughs at those kings of the earth who think they’re going to get away with full-on rebellion toward the Lord and His Christ. And the warning to them still rings true: “Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little.”

I realize it’s not fashionable anymore to speak of Judgment Day.  Good thing I’ve never been much for fashion. (Wrote the man who typed in a bathrobe and tennis shoes.)

But it’s coming, fashionable or not. You may succeed in hiding lots of stuff from the people who sent you to serve, but you’ve hidden nothing at all from the One who sees as well in pitch darkness as at noon, before Whom every heart is laid bare. So go on, go on with your bad self. Yours is coming, and a lot of us will smile when it gets here.


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