After listening to President Barack Obama's speech Wednesday night, I was left with too many unanswered questions. I'm glad that he took time away from his golf game to "act" like a president, meaning he was painted into a corner politically and he had to at least say something in regards to ISIS. But he still approached it like an amateur. When confronting evil, there are no half measures; you can't rely on your friends and allies to do your fighting for you. This entire mess is of his own making, if he had listened to the people who were the professionals, ISIS may not have been created in the first place. And if not, they would certainly not be as powerful as they are now. If we had left a containment force behind in Iraq, we wouldn't have lost almost half of what we fought and died for. But being a chicken-hawk, he was dead set on taking all of our troops out of the country so he could say "See....I ended the war and brought our men and women home." Unfortunately, his mistake in not having a proper exit strategy of Iraq was something one would expect from a community organizer. I mean, just how do you "degrade and destroy" someone? Do you pull their pants down around their ankles before you blow their brains out, or do you insult them first with harsh language before shooting them? If you want to eliminate an enemy, you completely annihilate him, by wiping him from the surface of the planet and you do that before he knows what even hit him. In other don't give the guy a "heads-up" first. And his remark about ISIS not being "Islamic"....well, what are they then....a bunch of "Hari Krishna's?"

Also, Obama, while giving this little pep-talk last night, mentioned the economy and how good things are right now. I don't think that gas being almost $4.00 a gallon is "economic recovery," even in a world of rainbows and unicorns, and we have 50 million people in this country on food stamps. So forgive me if I don't jump up and down.

He also failed to even mention our porous southern border and that we still have thousands crossing it illegally every day.

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Don't get me wrong, being an American and an ex-soldier, I desperately want the president to do something to rally the American people behind a just case, but just like Jimmy Carter, he doesn't really want us in the game to begin with, so how can he be counted on to score the winning touchdown?

Now, no matter where Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., lives or what title he has, he'll always be a community organizer who is in over his head.

In the last six years of Obama's presidency, he has managed to either fire or alienate the hell out of some really great general officers. Right now, most of the good military minds have either been fired, or they have quit, so that leaves us with a bunch of second stringer's to see this thing through. And from a soldier's viewpoint, what that means is more blood needlessly spilled and more lives needlessly spent, no matter what he says about there being no American combat troops involved.

But the one thing that I have learned about this president is never listen to or believe a word he says, but watch what he does.

Radical Islam has grown more powerful during Obama's time as president and we will be paying for his inept foreign policy blunders for decades to come.

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