Barack Obama Is No Ronald Reagan

In recent days Barack Obama has tried to make himself out to be the re-incarnation of Ronald Wilson Reagan. He did this at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building when he tried to speak about the “Buffet Rule” and everyone paying their fair share in mid-April.

This isn’t the first time that Barack Obama has thought of himself as a previous President. He has invoked FDR and Teddy Roosevelt as well, but on the person of Ronald Reagan he could not be more wrong.

The entire worldview of Barack Obama is vastly different to that of Ronald Reagan. Reagan had the best interest of America in mind when he set out to give tax cuts and seek to insure America’s security. I grant that there were some things that happened in his administration that I do not agree with, but overall his policies were American, not anti-American.

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Barack Obama has felt the need to run around the world and apologize to everyone under the sun for the very existence of America. He does not have America’s interests at heart. He has his own.

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In contrast, who can forget Ronald Reagan’s famous speech where he didn’t apologize for America or what it stood for, but instead declared “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall!” Who could forget how he won the Cold War without firing a shot, or shut up the mouth of Libyan dictator named Muammar Gaddafi with a single bombing?

One instance in which we can see just how vastly different both of these Presidents are is to look at what they did when they assumed office. Reagan came in after the Carter administration and inherited a complete foreign and domestic mess. In fact, Jimmy Carter was considered one of our worst Presidents. I say “was considered” because Barack Obama has far surpassed Carter in terms of being the worst President.

I’ll grant that we were having foreign problems before Obama took office. I’ll also grant that the economy was down, but Barack Obama sat and told the people of America that if he did not get this thing done, and by that he meant the economy, then it was a one-term proposition. In fact, he claimed we would see results of his economic stimulus within a year!

Well ladies and gentlemen, he has failed and not just failed, but failed miserably. Just compare Ronald Reagan’s policy of really letting America run itself and giving people more of their money and Barack Obama’s policy of spending taxpayer money on stupid schemes and slush funds that went belly up, producing nothing but debt and deficits.

Just look at a comparable difference between the Reagan numbers in 1983-84 and the Obama numbers of 2011-12. They speak for themselves.

1983/84 2011/12
Economic Growth Jan-March 1983/2011 0.3 2.3
April-June 1983/2011 5.1 0.4
July-Sept 1983/2011 9.3 1.3
Oct-Dec 1983/2011 8.1 1.8
Jan-March 1984/2012 8.5 3.0
Job Growth Jan-March 1983/2011 320,000 576,000
April-June 1983/2011 931,000 389,000
July-Sept 1983/2011 1,224,000 383,000
Oct-Dec 1983/2011 979,000 492,000
Jan-March 1984/2012 1,201,000 635,000

Now remember, these numbers reflect 3 years into their first terms. Ronald Reagan inherited a far worse economic crisis than Barack Obama did. Reagan chose to push for American exceptionalism and letting people keep more of their money, while Barack Obama said that America had been bad boys and girls and needed to change to learn to play well with others and thus decided to not even adopt a budget and claim that spending our way out of debt was the way to go. In fact, the man still has not adopted a budget and continues to put our country at a great security risk by his out of control spending policies.

Keep in mind also when you look at the numbers that the population has risen 33% since 1984. There really is no comparison except to show the dismal failure of Obamanomics. Ronald Reagan knew how to create a vibrant economy and it didn’t happen with government. It happened with American citizens being allowed to keep and spend their own money the way they thought best. Barack Obama thought it was best to spend the American citizen’s money the way he thought best and we see where that has gotten us.

Barack Obama said if he couldn’t get it done he should be a one term President. Let’s hold him to that and make it so.

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