Obama Hypocritically Tells Prime Minister of Greece: Have A Plan To Manage Your Debt

An individual having a financial crisis needs sound advice in order to maintain their solvency, credit rating and future ability to borrow funds. Who would be the best adviser to this individual; someone who has more debt than they can pay while adding to it daily, or someone who has debt that is manageable and being repaid?

On Thursday, Obama met with the Prime Minister of Greece in the Oval Office. After the meeting, Obama stated it was important “that government officials in Greece have a plan to manage their debt.”

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Huh? This spend happy, lavish vacation taking, “keep on charging the tax-payer,” “fundamentally change America” clown sitting in the Oval Office has no business telling any other government leader what is needed to manage debt as he has added an additional $6.1 trillion dollars to the US national debt since taking office. What’s even worse is his plans to keep on spending.

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According to CNSnews.com:

In the United States, the total national debt is $16.7 trillion and Congress and the president are gearing up to raise the ceiling on federal borrowing – to keep spending — after the August recess.

“What we also agreed to is that in dealing with the challenges that Greece faces, we cannot simply look to austerity as a strategy,” said Obama after his meeting with Samaras. “It’s important that we have a plan for fiscal consolidation to manage the debt, but it’s also important that growth and jobs are our focus, because we know from history that those countries that are growing, those countries where employment is high, and people are increasing their productivity and feel as if the economy is moving forward, those countries have an easier time reducing their debt burdens than countries that — where people are feeling hopeless.”

Obama said Greece was going through some “incredible challenges” and praised Samaras for his efforts to “help reduce the debt burden that Greece experiences, but even more importantly, can unleash the incredible talents of the Greek people so that they are effectively competing in this new world economy.”

Obama said the United States would be as “helpful as we can” and that the Prime Minister is doing what needs to be done.

“We’re confident that the Prime Minister recognizes what needs to be done and is going to be working very hard to accomplish it,” Obama said.

Mr. “Do as I say, not as I do” has opened his mouth again spewing fodder to a foreign government leader who probably had to hold his mouth to keep from bursting out in laughter. Is it any wonder America looks so foolish around the world? The illegitimate leader of a “free” country is suggesting a “plan for fiscal consolidation to manage debt,” a focus on growth and jobs, since countries with high employment produce increasingly productive people and a forward moving economy that reduces the debt burden. He then used pronouns such as “we” and “our” to indicate a partnership in endeavors when this fraud has steered his country in the opposite direction leaving its people to fend for themselves.

Of course, the use of the “we” and “our” pronouns refer to oneself can be seen as a “royal” type of speech, as Queen Elizabeth I practiced it during her reign of England.

Obama demands his “signature accomplishment,” known as the disastrous unconstitutional Patient Protection and Affordable Health Act or Obamacare, be implemented even when the devastating economic backlash is known. Regardless of a national debt that is now unmanageable, Obama plans to increase it’s limit and spend the US further into debt while touting its necessity to stimulate the economy to reduce our debt. Obama is the epitome of looking to austerity as a strategy when it comes to the American people, but not himself.

America has essentially become the “butt” of the joke for the world when talking about freedom, liberty, and credibility. This administration manages domestic policy in the same way it manages foreign policy: inconsistently, poorly and insanely. It is incredulous that the majority of Americans cannot see what the world and the rest of us have seen now for years. It has come to the point Obama is not even trying to hide it anymore.

But, he doesn’t actually have to. The mainstream media has lapped up his slobber faster than he can get it out, spun the spit into silk, and basically, refused to cover many news item unrelated to his agenda. When the enemedia has covered those stories, they have turned it around to shower praise on their false idol. Many American citizens have become apathetic, have given up or simply don’t care as long as they get their entitlement every month. The double standard can proudly be displayed without fear of rebuttal.

To the Prime Minister of Greece: Please take a bit of advice and forget about speaking with the person occupying the US White House about anything financial, economic or social. All you need to know about how well he does in those areas can be seen by looking at the state of his country and its foreign and domestic policy. If you’re having a hard time seeing it, here’s the simple version – his country is on a fast train to nowhere with him as the conductor and engineer yelling, “Full steam ahead, Woo Hoo,” while hanging his head outside the engineer’s cab and pulling the cord to activate the whistle as the train goes downhill.

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