Barack Obama – A Huge Step Backwards for Black Americans

I am a “Boomer.” I was just entering into high school in 1963 when Dr. King gave his “I Have a Dream” speech; a speech that impacted me personally. Perhaps, because Dr. King said in far more eloquent terms that which my own father often reminded me: A man should be judged by the content of his character, not the color of his skin.

I have always been confounded by the term “African-American” but never so by the term “Irish-American”. Perhaps that is because one limb on the family tree is “Irish-American.”  The matriarch of that side of the family was “Grandma-O,” who was born “in the old country.”  She spoke with an Irish “brogue,” used words and terms I had never heard before, and treated her infirmities with a pint of Irish whiskey every day of her life until she passed at about ninety years of age.

I don’t know but one “African-American” up close and personal. That would be my youngest sister. She was born in Ethiopia. She was raised by an Ethiopian “nanny” for the first few years of her life, but she is white. And I have met several other white African Americans; people who were born and raised in South Africa who have migrated to America and become American citizens. And I have met a few black African Americans; mostly at my favorite Ethiopian restaurants.

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I know countless black Americans. My friends and neighbors across the street are black Americans. The best man at my post-Vietnam wedding was a black fellow Vietnam Vet. That was in Virginia in 1970.

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I have no idea what Barack Obama considers himself to be. He most certainly is not “African American”; he has only visited the continent in his current job.

Many black Americans can trace their family trees back to people who were slaves in this country; notwithstanding the fact that those same ancestors may well have been slaves in Africa who were sold to American and British traders by other black Africans. Although not often talked about, far too many Native Americans can trace their ancestors to members who were slaves of the good Christian colonists.

For those whose heritage includes slaves I offer this advice:

Get over it and quit struggling so valiantly to return to those good old days when everything you ever needed was provided by “The Man in The Big White House,” and all it cost you was your freedom and any possible alternative future for your children.

When Barack Obama spoke at the 2004 Democratic Convention I told many people that we would be hearing from this guy again. When Barack Obama won election in 2008 against the non-candidate John McCain I had high hopes that he would become “The Great Uniter” that this nation so desperately needs; despite my considerably misgivings over his rhetoric I desperately hung to that hope.

In the final analysis, the election of Barack Obama has been a huge step for black Americans – in the reverse direction; a huge step back towards slavery.

Dr. King knowingly and willingly gave his life to advance EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for all men and women of color.

Barack Obama has done everything in his power to restore the golden age of slavery for black Americans.

Dr. King united this country like no other in modern times. Barack Obama has divided this country like no other since the Civil War; a recurrence of which may yet be the result of his promise to “transform America.”

In 2012 candidate Barack Obama created a web site: African Americans for Barack Obama. Had any other candidate created a web site based on that candidate’s ethnic identity there would have been an endless barrage of condemnation.

Barack Obama has spent billions of taxpayer dollars to deploy an army of “counselors” to teach people, in this country and others, how to become dependent on the government for everything imaginable while at the same time not hesitating to flex his power to rain down misery on the weakest and most deserving – our octogenarian veterans and their families – when faced with any opposition to his plans to bankrupt this nation.

  • Dr. King was one of the greatest Americans who ever lived in modern times.
  • Dr. King knowingly and willingly gave his life to provide equal opportunity for all men and all women of all races.
  • Dr. King was a lifelong staunch REPUBLICAN, who cared deeply for his community and his country, as is the true nature of all true Americans.

The “Republican” of that age is no more; replaced by the crony capitalists who have become willing partners with the elitist slave masters disguised as the Democratic Party.

  • The Democrats of old sprang from the South; supporting slavery.
  • The American Civil War made slavery illegal in this country.
  • The Republicans passed “The Reconstruction Amendments” (13, 14, and 15th amendments) to the Constitution to make it so for all time in the first five years (1865 -1870) following the Civil War.

The Democrats countered by launching the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (KKKK) as an enforcement arm to “keep black people in their place.”

The Republicans countered by forming the National Rifle Association (NRA) to arm and teach former slaves how to defend themselves from the KKK and its allies.

In 1948 President Truman issued Executive Order 9981 which ended segregation in the U.S. military; laying fertile ground for the national struggle for civil rights.

Civil Rights for all Americans saw the greatest advancement during the nearly twenty years struggle between the time of the Rosa Parks Bus Boycott in 1955 and the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King in 1968.

Barack Obama has single-handedly eradicated a lifetime of progress by Dr. King. Dr. King preached unity of all Americans and equal opportunity; he gave his life to achieve it. Barack Obama preaches segregation and separation of the American people and is more than willing to give the life of all Americans to achieve it.

Under Barack Obama, the number of Americans on food stamps has nearly doubled. Under Barack Obama, unemployment has nearly doubled – more so for black Americans than any other group.

Unemployment Rate: White, Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian

Could this depressing FACT possibly be TRUE because of Barack Obama’s doctrine of entitlements?

Dr. King preached OPPORTUNITY: limitless horizons for all men and women. Barack Obama preaches ENTITLEMENT: forever locked in a cage of government controls, regulations, and total captivity in exchange for “free stuff.”

Barack Obama was quick to demonstrate his ultimate power to punish those whom oppose his will as he did with when he shut down all federal parks and war memorials around the world.

Barack Obama is an equal opportunity slave master, but black Americans do now and will in the future continue to suffer the brunt of his insane abuse of power in his effort to dismantle this country and to forever crush the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King.

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