When Barack Obama Becomes Suicidal, What Will Democrats Do?

It must be difficult for a mentally unhealthy President to watch his signature legislation, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—the most prized accomplishment of his Presidency—go down in flames; especially for America’s crown prince of arrogance, Barrack Hussein Obama.

Had a young Barry Soetoro been taught humility—instead of foolish pride—the boy who became King would have known better than to assume all his days would be full of accolades. Then again, maybe he is not capable of knowing the difference.

ci_110108_obama_sad_face_ap_283_regularPresident Obama has never had to face failure in his life. Adversity perhaps, but not failure. President Obama has spent his life running away from his failures by seeking temporary and risky pleasures that fed his fragile ego and gratified his desire to be happy: Exotic travel, drugs, homosexual encounters, Islam. All collide with common man causes and a playboy appetite; all disturbing and conflicted excesses; all difficult for anyone to make sense of.

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I have always believed that President Obama is mentally ill. Many Americans are more comfortable accepting him as the anti-Christ or pure evil. For those Americans who have never dealt with a high functioning and severely mentally ill person, let me warn you, they can appear to be the very essence of evil and destruction from time to time. Then again, they can make you believe you are loved as well.

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In fact, the high functioning mentally ill, live out on a constant limb, running between depression and excess to an occasional stop on a splintered branch called anxiety. A paramount fear of abandonment guides them to execute direct attacks against the things they wish to preserve and keep most. They are prolific liars and masterful agitators. They are relentless. Moreover, they cannot exist without a constant supply of the mood enhancers required to make them feel comfortable within their own skin.

I do not think America sees this in this President. They only see what they think is evil.

Perhaps this is why Americans have a difficult time understanding the complexity of both Obama’s plans and failures. Perhaps this is why many Americans cannot see or even consider that Barrack Hussein Obama is simply an unstable pawn with too much power. He is a pawn that was selected by the Democrat Party leadership, who thought that they could control him in ways that Hillary Clinton would not tolerate. He’s now become a pawn that has evolved into a powerful paranoid monster.

Now, the Democrats are publicly turning on him. In addition, he is both frightened for the loss of his coveted Presidential legacy, and he is angry. Imagine Obama’s feeling of desperation when he finally came to the realization that his historic Presidency only served to put the first untouchable Democrat Party White House Negro in office.

As he has done from time to time in the past, Barrack Obama has now gone off the Democrat reservation. I do not think that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid can bring him back; both are facing growing internal opposition to their leadership from many in their party. The House investigations have revealed compelling Executive Branch breaches of US law. Pelosi and Reid’s fund raising prowess may rein Democrat mutineers in, but in my opinion, Obama is all but dead to the Democrats.

However, the angry man child President will have his way, or he will destroy it all before he moves on.

As an example, I offer Obama’s purge of the military. Many Americans link this act to one of many conspiracy theories; however, America would do well to consider Obama’s mental health as a factor.

Imagine Obama’s anger, months ago, when US military leadership and command privately turned away from his plans to downsize the military, expand drone attacks and cautiously questioned our military place and mission in Syria. Now we are seeing the results of that anger as Obama degrades, fires, replaces, or retires disloyal military for their dedication to America’s safety and their oaths. This is what unstable leaders do when confronted. Obama is unhinged.

Each day this man is allowed to continue to re-invent the laws designed to restrict his behavior, America becomes more dangerous; weaker and more divided. Each day Obama is disappointed becomes another day he attacks those that continue to hold our nation together, even if they are on his team.

In Obama’s world, the Democrat Party is turning on the first black President, displaying a twinge of the veiled racism with which they have always operated. Now that he is being encircled, how will Obama fight back?

How will he hold onto his party’s loyalty when they no longer want him around? Obama has outlived his usefulness. He is now a liability, and he knows it. Now that he is no longer getting his way, now that his legislative agenda is falling apart, his condition will deteriorate. His behavior will become more erratic and unexplainable, and he may even become suicidal. What will Democrats do if Obama becomes suicidal? These are the kind of times in which mysterious deaths usually occur.

It would not be the first time.

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