Barack Obama Admits the Farce of Global Warming Won’t Be Curbed by His Taxpayer Funded Climate Control Agenda

In previous articles on this farce called “global warming” or “climate change,” in regards to the war on coal, I cited reports that China produced more greenhouse gases than the United States and the largest producer of greenhouse gases was cow farts and belches. The Obama administration knows this, but has continued to accelerate its plans to devastate the coal industry through EPA regulations regarding carbon dioxide emissions from US coal plants. In an interview with the New Yorker, Obama admitted his plan to ban coal plants in America would do little to curb global warming as China and India will still rely on coal as a major source of power.

According to the Daily Caller:

The Obama administration published its proposed carbon dioxide emissions limits for new coal plants which would effectively ban coal power. That is, unless they use commercially unproven capture and storage (CCS) technologies. Tighter emission controls for coal plants are part of Obama’s plan to fight global warming.

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Critics of the Obama administration argue that banning coal plants won’t curb global warming because developing countries continue to build coal plants, frustrating US efforts to lower global carbon emissions. Obama conceded that fact, but argued that limiting emissions here will only help the US because other countries will come to us for the technology once we’ve developed it.

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“And so if we can figure out a carbon-capture mechanism that is sufficiently advanced and works, then we are helping ourselves, because the Chinese and the Indians are going to build some coal plants, and even if we don’t build another coal plant in this country, there are going to be a lot of coal plants around the world that are built,” Obama told the New Yorker.

“And we have a huge investment in trying to figure out how we can help them do it more cleanly,” he added.

Obama admitted that banning coal will not curb global warming. Of course, we already knew that since global warming is a farce. The CCS technology is currently unreliable and even Obama admits it’s not fully developed. There is no need to ask the question – why would an administration declare a war on America’s current power fuel without sufficient fuel backups and force the power industry to adopt an unproven, undeveloped technology to capture carbon emissions – since we all know the answer.

Obama stated it was not enough for America to tell other countries to stop their own carbon emissions; America would have to take some of “our own research and development on things like clean-coal technology and be able to export it to them or license it to them….” Since other countries have seen how this man is “transforming” America, it has become difficult to believe that America would be trusted to lead anything much less trusted in the information it would share.

Again, one can ask, “What technology?” Millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars have been thrown away on this man’s “green energy” schemes. Nothing has come of it except more debt piled upon America and her posterity. And there is the question of time frame. Common sense dictates that a person would not leave a job without securing another one. The same could be applied to our energy source; you wouldn’t ban a reliable energy source without having another to replace it nor would you essentially cripple the power grid you have in place. However, this administration and this occupant of the White House have discarded their common sense essentially replacing it with folly.

Countries like China and India are set to increase their coal use dramatically. More than 1,200 coal plants have been proposed globally with 76% of the proposed coal-fire capacity being in China and India. The current carbon-capture technology has been found to be too expensive to be commercially viable. Another interesting tidbit on these EPA regulations indicate the rules “limiting the coal plant emissions only cited CCS projects that were government funded and not in operation.” While other countries are expanding their coal usage, Obama wants America to dismantle hers all in the name of fighting global warming or climate change.

This is the same administration who proposed giving millions of American taxpayer dollars to sub-Saharan African countries to expand their power grid. You can bet those countries won’t be using wind, solar or water to power those plants but would use the cheaper source of coal.

Controlling the power grid in America means controlling every American. With inadequate sources for electrical power, American would experience power outages at random or rationing of power thereby limiting every aspect of daily life from cooking, sanitation, nutrition, information dissemination, goods production, travel and controlled home climates. Americans would also see the cost of power increasing making it difficult for some American homes to maintain access to the power grid.

One can’t help but believe Obama has declared war on America, punishing the perceived “world oppressors” for the transgression of supporting freedom, liberty, limited government, God-given rights, capitalism and the belief that working hard will increase the end reward.

Always remember the one line from the movie, Apollo 13, “Power is everything.” That phrase is not necessarily limited to electricity either.

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