Bankrupting America to Massage Obama’s Dangerous Egomania

The United States short-term national debt is larger than our gross domestic product. No one can determine the exact amount of U.S. long-term debt obligations. However, it is somewhere north of $150 trillion and growing. Businesses are migrating to other countries, or Texas, seeking protection from an out of control government taking the nation down a path similar to Detroit.

All to protect one man’s manufactured image of success.

If accumulating unserviceable debt were a measure of success, Detroit would not be asking the U.S. taxpayer for a bailout. It would not look like a war zone. It sure would not have led Detroit to filing for legal protection against its creditors just to keep the lights on in City Hall.

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When Barrack Hussein Obama ran for the Presidency, he told the nation he understood the job, the severity of our national crisis and he had a plan to turn the country around and re-shape Washington. After his first term expired, Obama asked for another. According to Obama, America was now recovering and he needed more time for his brilliant plan to work.

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So, how much more money (U.S. debt) and time will President Obama need before his supporters can find jobs in the U.S. economy and government can stop sending them taxpayer money and accumulating debt? How much more debt will Obama need to obligate the U.S. taxpayer to before our incomes rise, wealth disparity vaporizes and our health insurance premiums become affordable.

Is it 20 or 22 trillion dollars Mr. President? Will it be next year or 2016? Cricket, cricket, cricket.

Obama-NoDebtCrisis-BankruptingAmericaAlthough it has happened before, the President is suggesting he had no say in the spending that has brought the nation to another budget/debt ceiling crisis. Obama claims our national debt was approved by Congress, not Obama. Someone should remind him that he signs all those spending bills that he receives from Congress. In reality, he is the one swiping America’s credit card; he and any congressional representative who vote for any bill that continues to drive U.S. debt higher.

Actuaries for the Congressional Budget Office, Medicaid and Medicare, have warned our elected representatives of the existing threat to America’s economy and security, if, taxes increase, deficit spending continues and the debt ceiling is raised once again. Without spending cuts, real economic growth and increases in American incomes, eventually, that well will run dry. Washington is siphoning too much money from Americans’ paychecks, property and investments. Government will soon be forced to shift money away from infrastructure and defense—government’s true priorities—to pay entitlement obligations and debt servicing. The economy will contract and Americans’ opportunity, and income will vanish.

America can no longer extend credit to a government that has shown little regard for the long-term consequences of a failing President. An egomaniac whose failures crush freedom and liberty with every dollar borrowed.

Government cannot pay its bills. For over a decade, they have found poorly planned compromises that have brought us to this point, both Republicans and Democrats. Career public servants who have made themselves millionaires by increasing taxpayer obligations to grow Washington elite lifestyles. There are no poor people in Congress or the White House. Yet somehow, they all live off the taxpayer.

I remind you that we were at this point when Obama took office in 2009. Moreover, the American taxpayer was only on the hook for 10 trillion in debt at that time. U.S. cities like Detroit should serve as a lesson to Americans. Financing the egos of self-absorbed politicians—like Obama– is a liability, not and asset.

Under Obama’s leadership, our government has failed to pass a budget—an estimate of the revenue and expenditures of our government—by a legally established deadline, for five straight years. Americans should have demanded a shut down five years ago. Our failure, as a people, to strike back against these leeches has produced 7-8 trillion dollars in debt, increased entitlement dependency and enriched the thieves in Washington and the Banking industry that caused our ongoing economic crisis.

The only way out of this mess is to dismantle the Washington spending apparatus. Tell your elected representatives they will no longer be welcomed home if they give in to the President and Harry Reid, and America’s future is not to be compromised anymore to service the agenda of one man, Barrack Hussein Obama.

Surrender, like failure, is not an option.

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