Bankrupt Sacramento To Pay For Sexually Transmitted Disease Detection-“It’s Spreading Like Wildfire”

It pays to live on the dole in Sacramento, California.  It also costs Sodomites nothing to maintain their sinful lifestyles in the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.  In the region of Sacramento, the wild and free sex that feminists have demanded over the past 50 years is alive and well in the skyrocketing and uncontrolled Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) rates.

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Apparently, we don't want anyone to feel slightly embarrassed that their lack of moral character has real-life consequences.   We no longer expect adults to care for their own morality and health care implications as a result, nor do we expect them to pay for the cost of such behavior.

While children are preached to from as young as kindergarten about the "need" for safe sex, the proof has been skyrocketing that there is no "safe sex" in a morally defunct society, but for the remnant who believe sex is a God-ordained and blessed act reserved for married couples.  Engaging in sex outside of marriage, in a society that does not respect life, chastity, marriage or the truth of what sexuality is designed to be, has severe implications on the youth and all generations who will be indoctrinated by this Sanger-feminist ideology.

May parents who love the Lord God, not pitch their tents toward Sodom, but draw on the strength only Christ Jesus can bring, to raise children according to His precepts and commands.  It is the only method to escape the burning wildfire of immorality being peddled as something to "deal with and pay for" rather than to eradicate by means of living with a purpose unto God.

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