DHS Employee Ayo Kimathi and War on the Horizon Preach Hate Toward Whites and Homosexuals

Have a cushy job with ICE and still have enough time to preach your hatred of whites and homosexuals, all for the coming race war…

Ayo Kimathi works for the DHS. As a federal employee, his job is obtaining “weapons and ammunition for his employer, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement,” otherwise known as ICE.

But Kimathi has a side job. His own website is called “War on the Horizon.” There, he preaches hatred against homosexuals and whites and is literally preparing for what he believes to be the coming race war in America. Because he works for the federal government as he does with ICE (which focuses on law enforcement activities), in order to have an extra curricular activity like he does, he needs to obtain permission from his superiors. This he did by telling them that “his anti-white, anti-homosexual site, ‘War is on the Horizon,’ was just an entertainment site that sells concert and lecture videos.”

Such a lovely place...
Such a lovely place…

War on the Horizon is really a website that focuses on teaching people – mainly blacks – about the upcoming cleansing that they envision is going to occur in America and worldwide. That cleansing is going to be the result of the black race against the white race. Yes, there are people that are expecting this to happen and working toward it.

Can you feel the love tonight?
Can you feel the love tonight?

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I tried heading on over their main website but apparently, Internet traffic was so thick that it overloaded their servers, making the site unavailable. They also have a social network page (with just under 3,500 likes). Their slogan is “Our Job is to Save You, Not Be Your Friend!” and again, I’m assuming that means reaching out to other blacks.

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If you head over there and are able to view things, you’ll note that this past August 19th, they were advertising a speech by King Samir Shabazz. This guy stood in Center City, Philadelphia with a megaphone calling for a race riot. It’s an oldie but a goodie where he asks, “You want freedom? Kill some crackas!”

I’m really glad that it is impossible for black people to be racist though, as some are deluded enough to believe. He not only hates whites, but advocates killing them. I noticed that the DOJ immediately rushed in to shut him down and take him into custody. Oh wait, sorry, no, that did not happen. Hmmm. Wonder why? Oh well.

Back to Ayo Kimathi. He works for our government and is paid with our tax dollars. He advocates a coming race war as well as hatred of homosexuals. War on the Horizon (WOH) doesn’t try to hide their motivation either. Their website clearly spells out the details.

“War on the Horizon (WOH) is a Haitianist organization created for the purpose of preparing Black people worldwide for an unavoidable, inevitable clash with the white race. whites around the world are absolutely determined to exterminate Afrikan (sic) people in all corners of the Earth.

“As a result of this reality, WOH has dedicated our time and expertise to properly educating Black people to prepare for Racial Warfare. … We’ll See You on the Battlefield!”

It’s difficult to be more upfront than that. They believe that there will be “an unavoidable, inevitable clash with the white race,” so they are “preparing Black people worldwide” for that clash.

Notice that they base this on the stated believe that “whites around the world are absolutely determined to exterminate Afrikan people in all corners of the Earth.” Really? That’s news to me. I personally know of no white groups who are planning to do that. I’m not saying they don’t exist. I’m simply saying I am not aware of them. Moreover, I am not part of any white group that is planning on exterminating any other group, much less blacks. Then again, the statement assumes that all white people make up one large group and therefore, think alike.

War on the Horizon website also blames whites for the effeminization of black men. The reason? Apparently, “whites want black men to be gay so they are weaker when the international race war comes.” Got it. Man, talk about stereotyping!

What may be even more interesting is that the Southern Poverty Law Center (a leftist organization) even highlights Kimathi as someone who preaches hate. Imagine that?

Ready for something even more interesting than that? Apparently, War on the Horizon’s list of enemies includes Al Sharpton, Li’l Wayne, Oprah, and others including “Whoopi Goldberg, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, who he calls ‘Colon,’ and even President Obama, ‘a treasonous mulatto scum dweller … who will fight against reparations for Black people in amerikkka, but in favor of fag rights for freaks in amerikkka and Afrika’.”

Where does this stuff come from and how is it disseminated among blacks? First of all, it comes from race-baiters and others who live to simply hate. Some blacks hate whites so much that it is palpable. It cries out with every beat of their heart. It’s why Jesse Jackson – though he said that his prayers were going out to the family of Chris Lane – completely downplayed the cold-blooded murder of him by members of the black community.

Jackson’s been heard saying “that white men who defend themselves from deadly attacks by black men are murderers. He says that black men are being ‘murdered by vigilantes, police, and security guards’.” I see. So basically, when you’re attacked by a black, you should cower and cover. Maybe you should pee your pants too. Yeah, that’ll scare him off. Isn’t that what the left wants women to do when they are being mugged or raped? Don’t fight back. Just pee yourself.

Kevin Jackson reports that Gov. Scott of Florida is fed up with Jackson’s racial hyperbole and wants an apology from him. “Jesse Jackson owes every Floridian an apology for his reckless and divisive comments…It is unfortunate that he would come to Florida to insult Floridians and divide our state at a time when we are striving for unity and healing. Floridians are a strong, resilient people. We are fortunate to live in a great state where all Floridians enjoy opportunities to get a great job and a world-class education.” Don’t hold your breath, Governor.

Why is this type of thing allowed to continue? Why are these social network pages allowed to exist? Why is someone like Kimathi allowed to incite hatred and a coming war and no one does anything?

Yet, a woman (who used a racial slur against a black neighbor and pushed her) was sentenced to six months in jail, two years of probation, will need to write “a 200-250 word essay on diversity and attend a racial sensitivity class.” The woman was told by the judge “You are a danger to the race you are targeting.” I’d say that anyone who hates people based on the color of their skin is a danger to that race being targeted. That goes for Ayo Kimathi and too many others to count.

I guess there are some who believe that by ignoring these people, they will go away. I disagree. I believe it’s only in shining the light on them that society can gain some type of power over them and attempt to stop them from doing what they do. To ignore them just allows them free reign and they already have that.

Let’s continue to shine the light on all vermin – regardless of the color of their skin. They need to be brought out into the open to be seen for what they are and what they are trying to do to society.

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