Sylvan Malis

About the Author Sylvan Malis

Sylvan Malis is an entrepreneur who is involved in energy-saving solar water heating (, long shelf-life packaged (pouched) drinking water ( and packaged (pouched) fresh fruit ( He started in politics before Reagan working on the Nixon campaign and then with the Young Republicans. Later, he worked for Mr. Reagan at his Tip Top ranch, later renamed Rancho del Cielo, prior to Mr. Reagan becoming President. Now Sylvan has finally arrived at the point where Constitutional Conservative better describes his politics which has been largely influenced by Mr. Reagan. Writing commentaries has been rewarding in expressing views on issues sometimes missed or gone unnoticed, sometimes appreciated and sometimes not. His goal is to promote public discourse and the sharing of ideas and principles in a civil and productive way. Sylvan believes that at this time our society needs focused and constructive discussions on how to solve the issues that are causing the destructive effects on our country. This forum provides a common point to collect the ideas that can benefit that goal.