Richard Rothschild

About the Author Richard Rothschild

Commissioner Richard Rothschild was elected to office in 2010. He ran under the mantra of “Less Government,” and describes himself as a Constitutional Conservative. In three short years, Richard received nationwide recognition for his leadership and expertise in epic political issues of the 21st century. He has appeared in the Examiner, Baltimore Sun, ABC News, and has been a guest speaker on radio shows throughout America, and has made multiple television appearances in defense of private property rights. Richard was the first elected official in America to officially terminate a government’s membership in Agenda-21 / ICLEI; the first official in Maryland to create a nullification resolution to thwart unconstitutional gun laws, declaring Carroll County to be the nation’s first Second Amendment Sanctuary County; and was also first in Maryland to pass an education choice program for parents that choose private, parochial, or home schooling for their children. Richard holds a BSEE in electrical engineering; an MBA in Management and Marketing; and has 30 years of private sector business experience. He has two children and resides with his wife in Mount Airy, MD. Visit his website at and follow Richard on Facebook